1. FEX

    FJ40 ammeter fried

    Hi Guys, need some help wiring my fj40 ammeter. I have a 1980 FJ40 with 2F engine. I was wiring my instrument cluster yesterday and everything was functioning properly .. until I started connecting positive and negative wires to my ammeter (the spade connectors on the back of the gauge cluster)...
  2. martymart

    Instrument Cluster Change Ammeter

    I purchased a new non-US 60180 kilometer instrument cluster to install in my stock 1971 FJ40 US model. Can I replace the 50 ammeter with an older 30 ammeter inside the cluster?
  3. Catfish28

    Wanted 30A ammeter

    Need a 30A ammeter for my 78. Mine has disappeared. Thanks.
  4. JCruse

    Question about grounding an ammeter

    That should be "Questions about WIRING an ammeter", not just grounding. I got an onboard multimeter with shunt for measuring amps consumed from the Aux battery. My question is where to put the shunt. Some of the juice from that battery comes off an aux fuse box (fridge, fan, phone charging)...
  5. D

    72 FJ40 Ammeter re-wiring question

    I had to pull my instrument panel and with that I disconnected the ammeter wires. Stupid me, I did not mark the individual wires as to which wire went to which ammeter terminal. So on re-assembling the instrument panel, I just hooked one of the ammeter wires to the terminal nearest the minus...
  6. D

    Ammeter 30A - 2 Questions

    While I have benefited from reading previous posts, this is my first one that I have done. I have 2 questions regarding the 30A Ammeter in my 72 FJ40 Project vehicle. 1. Before I got the vehicle, one of the previous owners did a V8 conversion - it works. But they used a generator...
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