1. 40thSagePearl

    Climate control mystery... please help !

    I have a 1996 lexus lx450 that i recently bought and have been loving it since day one. I have noticed that air is constantly coming through my air vents even when the system is set into the "off" position and when set to recycle mode. It seems my truck is stuck on fresh air mode... where is the...
  2. Scottbonnar

    hzj80 aircon randomly cuts out

    Hi all, Ive got a diesel hzj80. aircon wasnt working recently until i had the relay replaced and regassed. Works awesome around town but did a long drive not too long ago and the compressor randomly cuts out. Engine doesnt get hot. I read somewhere that my tx valve might need changing? anyone...
  3. Irish Reiver

    Air Conditioning FSM pages

    Is anyone able to share the relevant pages from an '94 FSM for the air conditioning system. The FSM that I downloaded appears to have missed this section. I am about to rip into the system but am wary about the non-mechanical things that I may miss. Thanks
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