air tank

  1. KUJO85

    For Sale Compressed air tank bracket (interior mount)

    $40 PayPal FF + shipping.

    On Board Air Kits ala Wits' End...still working out da bugs

    Lots of stuff getting completed and off my plate finally. But lots of hiccups along the way. The York OBA Kits are in shipping purgatory, the SB50 cables are waiting on sleeving, the D-Pillar is waiting on time from machine shop to bust me out another proto, all lockboxes have left the building...
  3. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale SOLD: York OBA Compressor + 2F Mount + tank (PA)

    On-board air, York compressor w/ 2F mount and air tank. PO had tank mounted at the back of the frame tucked up, so it's dirty but I believe it all works fine. (125 p.s.i.) I think PO pulled the compressor from either a volvo or a saab. Asking $150 for all of it. No shipping. Some pics...
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