1. Taco2Cruiser

    Lead acid dual batteries have their days numbered.

    A little while ago, I decided I wouldn't waste money on a lead acid dual battery set up. A 35 group AGM has 60 amps of total power, but they don't like to be discharge below 30-40%. Plus they drop voltage as they discharge making 12v accessories like fridges not able to use all the power. So...
  2. sunrk

    AGM batteries drop-in replacement for N70ZZL lead-acid ones ?

    Has anyone fitted AGM batteries in place of std lead-acid type in their 80? If so, who might now what the closest equivalent(s) in terms of size and terminal config to N70ZZL are available? I'm aware of Odyssey and Northstar as well-regarded brands of AGM battery particular in the USA. I know...
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