aftermarket seats

  1. bgianf

    Corbeau Seat Adapter way too small?

    Hello, I recently bought a 1973 FJ40 (coincidentally sold here previously) I just got some new Corbeau Moab seats, and I bought their provided FJ40 adapter. Specifically the FJ40 70-8/73 version of the bracket: Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 70-8/73 Seat Brackets - Corbeau Racing Seats As you can...
  2. sprocket3

    Aftermarket seats in Gx470! What to do with airbag system???

    Anyone swap out the front seats for aftermarket units and successfully sort out the airbag issues? I'd love to get a set of these in the GX I just picked up. Worried about all the airbag wiring incorporated in the seats/bases and what happens when sensors aren't in the system. scheel-mann...
  3. Josh NZ

    Suspension seat frames with aftermarket frames?

    Title should read with aftermarket seats! doh! Hi folks, Has anyone attempted to fit aftermarket seats onto 70 series suspension frames? My seats ('87 BJ71) are no good for long trips, and leave me with a sore back. Im hoping to fit some recaro fishnets from a KZN130 surf or possibly some WRX...
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