1. FJ60L83

    For Sale  Seattle WA - 8/86 FJ60 Parts - 2F w/ AFI TBI setup +++

    All items for sale are from a 8/86 FJ60. I'm not sure what to charge for most of this, so make offers... I would like to unload as many of these parts at one time as I can. I really don't have time to sell it piece by piece, so make me a offer, chances are I'll say yes. I also really need the...
  2. SteveH

    AFI TBI loose screw - caution!

    Check the screws in your TBI setup! I took apart my air cleaner and adapter yesterday, and a screw from my AFI TBI setup ominously fell on the ground. It had fully backed out and was lying next to the TBI setup, waiting (presumably) to fall into the intake throat and fry the engine. I...
  3. Rusty 72

    SOLD  AFI tbi adapter

    Looking for the AFI adapter to bolt a tbi to the stock intake.
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