60 series parts

  1. NomadEffect

    Wanted  Flat Roof Rack for 60 Series

    Hey All, Desperately looking for a flat roof rack for my FJ62. I’m willing to mod a rack to be flat if it’s under $400. Over $400 I’d like it to be what I’m looking for. Shoot me a PM or email benny@nomadeffect.com if you have anything that might work. I’m in NYC but would be willing to...
  2. Akella

    Parting Out  Parting out 60 series HJ60 BJ60 parts in Ontario

    Parting out few HJ60, BJ60 and FJ62 Have a lot of small parts in great condition. Also have some big items. Have pictures for all parts so ask if interested BIG ITEMS: Front seats: great condition, no rips, holes or any damage. Some stains on the cloth cushions. Full front clip: Fenders: no...
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