1. marCOCOpuffs

    School me on the GX 460

    So I sold my 5th gen 4Runner Trail to get more seating and a bigger engine. I've decided to go with a GX460.1 (2010-2013). Could someone school me on the different suspension options (base vs premium)? Is there adjustable height control for all 4 corners as in the LX? Or is it just the rear as...
  2. onepremiere

    So-Many-Questions, 17 GX 460

    First! Hello, I am Jeff. This is my first post. I've been modifying anything with wheels for about 12 years now and it just keeps getting worse. I recently departed with my 2016 Tacoma mainly because I am 6'2" and I was never comfortable in it. I am now on the hunt for something bigger. Prior to...
  3. ewillis

    460 or 470?

    Adding a GX to the stable and not sure which route. I'm most concerned with off road performance, safety, and reliability. Looking at a small lift, rear locker, and 33s if possible without rubbing or cutting. Search revealed the 470 has much more aftermarket support, but I like the economy and...
  4. A

    Improving Ride Quality: Possible new owner of used GX 460

    *Also posted in ClubLexus* Hi All, First time poster here folks! I am in the process of deciding whether to get a used 2012 GX with 38k miles on it. I am not new to Toyota (new to Lexus though), having owned a FJ Cruiser & a 4 Runner previously. Currently I have a LR Discovery Sport. Which...
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