2000 land cruiser

  1. Porzingis213


    Hi everyone. I have come to get knowledge on my 2000 lc because I have a P0171 code and I can’t figure out what it is. I have replaced all O2 sensors and had reset but code came back 2 days later. I have had a evap leak before and I know I did not have the best mechanic in town. What would you...
  2. G

    Third row seat belts missing in 2000 LC?

    Hi Guys, I just bought my first Cruiser recently. It has the third row seats present, but no seat belts or any bolt holes/points to attach visible in the window column. Is this normal? It'd great to get advice on how to proceed with fitting a set. Cheers
  3. Skyshark

    3rd Row seat plugs

    Hey, I’m trying to find replacements for the 3rd row seat plugs but I haven’t had any luck. By seat plugs I’m referring to the plastic things that go on the floor to cover up the folding seat mounts. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. A

    Electrical issue- windows, horn, headlamps, and etc. don't work

    I'm experiencing an electrical? issue in my 2000 LC. Started when my sunroof began leaking. First, a headlamp stopped working. Then, AC/fan switches. Then, my horn would randomly get honk. Finally, none of my windows work (except passenger back window- from that window switch, only). Any...
  5. Skyshark

    Key fob sensor in Cruiser not working

    Hey Guys, I have a 2000 Lancruiser with the locking system acting up. The front two locks get stuck quite a bit, which I believe to be a problem with the lock actuator, which I plan to replace soon. However, my main question is on what I might be able to try to get my key fob working again. I...
  6. SirRigel

    For Sale  Austin,TX. 2000 LC 304K miles Priced to sell!

    $5000 OBO priced to sell! 304K gentle miles. We are the 2nd owner of this VERY WELL taken care of LC. Bought from a dentist with 65K miles in 2004 and we have only engaged 4WD once in snow for 100 yards ;). It has been our only family car and all freeway miles. INTERIOR is in excellent...
  7. Dustin Messina

    Parting Out  2000 Land Cruiser Blue/Tan

    UPDATED: Parting out a 2000 LC I picked up with Blue exterior and tan interior. Most of the exterior was rusted pretty bad. So, no rear hatch or fenders, but clean doors. Motor, trans, senors, and wiring are gone for another project. Have more than what’s pictured. Front seat belts - sold...
  8. BLC

    Replaced Bank 1 sensor 1 O2 heater but CEL still on.

    Hi all, Backstory: I recently purchased a 2000 with ~200k mileage here in New England. Windshield leaks (getting replaced this week, bad install), CEL on and throwing P0135 (Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2) But other than that, minimal rust on frame and beautiful body (was garaged most it's life) I...
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