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  1. MScruiser

    Trying to find a rear heater decal?

    I’m looking for this oval shaped green decal that was found in the rear heater assembly. Does anyone know of a member or company that makes a reproduction?
  2. MScruiser

    If I put together a kit that would allow you to recover your worn/cracked throttle cable...

    ...and it cost about $20, would you be interested? Durable, waterproof, and easy to install. Question is, would there be enough interest for me to sell a small kit to do so? (Sure beats $160 for a new cable though, right?) Before After
  3. MScruiser

    Repairing the Elastic Band in the Behind-The-Seat Storage Net

    Like many others, the elastic band in the seat storage unit on both my driver and passenger side seats were stretched out and an eyesore. Rather than using one of the lace locks that are mentioned in other threads, I wanted to retain the factory look, so we t about repairing the bands with a...
  4. MScruiser

    My method for permanently fixing a wallowed out j-hook hole (battery box)

    Like me, you probably noticed that the j-hook hold down on the battery box is a weak link on the 80 series. Over time, they get wallowed out and become cracked and oblong. I believe I have come up with a very good solution that is strong, retains the factory look, and best of all is cheap. In...
  5. MScruiser

    Repairing broken seat control knobs (my way at least)

    The electronic seat tilt knobs were both missing and broken when I bought my 1997 80 Series last year. As the plastic post that is integrated into the seat controls were broken off at the base, the only way to get control working again, would have been to buy an entire control module for each...
  6. MScruiser

    Wanted  Oak 80 series front seat reclining seat knob

    Looking for a tan “oak” colored switch knob pictured below. Just need the knob. Shipped to 39206.
  7. MScruiser

    Vendor  80 Series Late Model Leather Steering Wheel Kits in Tan or Grey

    I am selling leather steering wheel kits to recover your old, discolored, and worn out leather. These kits ARE NOT simply wraps that cover up the old leather; they completely replace the old. They are made here in Mississippi, from Italian leather. The leather is smooth, and supple. The kits...
  8. MScruiser

    New Italian Leather Steering Wheel Covers in Toyota Grey

    UPDATE: the final prototype is now done! I have contacted the seamstress who has already begun making the first batch. Here are a few pics of the install, and final product. Again, I am extremely pleased with the way these have turned out! Original post below: With the great success I...
  9. MScruiser

    Vendor  80 Series “Oak”Leather Steering Wheel Covers $135

    I am producing very high quality tan leather steering wheel coverings for late model 80 series. This is known as “Oak” by Toyota. These are not wraps. These are actual OE spec replacements for the worn out factory leather. The leather is the correct shade of brown. It’s extremely supple as...
  10. MScruiser

    Wanted  1FZ alternator bracket

    need one of these:
  11. MScruiser

    Wanted  2003+ in the VA/DC area

    helping a buddy locate a clean LC or LX in Northern Virginia or the Washington DC area. Would like to spend around $10k, but willing to spend more if truck is in great condition. Not too worried about mileage if it’s been taken care of. PM me if you have something.
  12. MScruiser

    New Italian Leather Steering Wheel Covers in Oak (Tan) and Grey

    My steering wheel was extremely worn, and a hole about 6 to 8 inches was cracking across the top of the wheel. Because of my OCD, I knew I had to fix it. My research brought me to a steering wheel cover, which is offered by a company that is associated with this website, but the prices seemed...
  13. MScruiser

    Wanted  80 Series Collector’s Edition DS Floormat

    Driver’s side. mine has a hole in it. Looking for one in oak (brown) in good condition.
  14. MScruiser

    My White Collector’s Edition Build Thread (kinda)

    Because @G-Cat keeps hassling me, I’ll start a thread to document what I do. It’s a 1997 factory e-locked White (045) Collector’s Edition with Oak (tan) interior. First, this truck was originally sold in Arizona, and spent nearly its whole life there. After two owners in AZ, it was purchased...
  15. MScruiser

    Wanted  ‘96-‘97 80 Series Driver’s-Side Rear Bumper Corner

    Needs to be free of heavy scratches, dents, and dings. Shipped to 39206
  16. MScruiser

    For Sale  Triple Locked 40th

    Toyota Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary Diff Lock Lockers Floida FJ80 | eBay Not mine. Can anyone see any red flags on this one? I know the price is a little on the high side, but it looks clean.
  17. MScruiser

    Wanted  White or Desert Dune Collector’s Edition

    Yup, you heard it right. Yet another person looking for a clean 1997 80 Series. I just sold my built 200 Series, and I’ve been bitten by the 80 Series bug. I am wanting one in white, close to stock, fairly well maintained, and factory e-lockers. Please let me know if you have something that...
  18. MScruiser

    Wanted  40 Series Rear Bumper Step

    Shoot me a PM if you have one for a reasonable cost.
  19. MScruiser

    RTH: running rough—does this sound like a carb?

    Recently rebuilt 2F with DUI distributor and CityRacer carb. Have around 20 miles on it. Was doing a shake down run, and it stalled when I came to a stop light. I immediately thought I was out of gas, and put some more gas in it. It would not start. Waited around 20-30 minutes, and finally got...
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