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  1. snr

    RTH Transmission Flush

    NLScooby thanks for making the video!! It really helped me through the whole process and probably saved me from over torquing the drain plug since this isn't really listed anywhere that I could find.
  2. snr

    RTH Transmission Flush

    I originally plugged the bottom tube that I have shown with a extension. I opened this up and turned on the truck and oil came out immediately from the tube so it most definitely a supply from the transmission. The terminology of the inlet/outlet is confusing for the oil cooler. I believe the...
  3. snr

    RTH Transmission Flush

    I am in the process of changing my transmission oil and was following this YoutTube video, . Here we are told that the outlet tube for the transmission cooler is on the passenger side bottom of the radiator (~14:00). However when tracing the oil lines it seems like the said location is an inlet...
  4. snr

    2008-2010 Radiator Failure and Public Service Announcement

    I thought I would add another data point: 2013 with ~110,000 miles. Cracked radiator at the part number molding. Replaced with the newer part number which has a smaller molding area and much smoother transition. Corporate Toyota paid for 100% which included radiator, hoses, thermostat, flush...
  5. snr

    ARB Summit Bar on 2012-2015 LC 200

    Did you ever get an answer as to if the Summit bar will work on a 13-15 model year?
  6. Small dent in middle of rim.

    Small dent in middle of rim.

    I didn't notice the dent until cleaning the rim by hand.
  7. Side view of dent.

    Side view of dent.

  8. snr

    For Sale TRD Rock Warriors

    Wheel for $275 is sold. Shipping weight was 27 lbs with packaging size of approximately 20x20x12 inches if you want to estimate shipping from 87122. Wheel for $200 is still available. If it sells I will update with a post.
  9. snr

    For Sale TRD Rock Warriors

    I separated the rim and tire. I noticed a small bump in the center of one of the rims when cleaning it after taking off the tire. I don't think there is anything wrong with it but am discounting it; asking $200 for the rim with a bump and $275 for the other rim not including shipping. PM me if...
  10. snr

    For Sale  TRD Rock Warriors

    I have two Tundra TRD rock warriors for sale. I bought a set for a trailer install and these are the extra two that I don't need. They currently have nearly new BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 (285/70/R17) with maybe a few hundred miles on them. I am asking $500 a piece and would prefer local...
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  16. TRD Rock Warriors

    TRD Rock Warriors

    TRD Rock Warriors
  17. snr

    Thoughts on a '13

    When I was searching for my 13 I found that many vehicles where the dealer had limited service records or Carfax claimed none at all. Using the My Toyota was key to get all the service records performed by a Toyota dealer. A Toyota sales person should be aware of these records and provide you...
  18. snr

    For Sale  5 OEM Rims from 2013 LC

    I am selling the 5 original rims from my 2013 LC. They have normal wear/scratches but nothing major. I would like to get $150 (not including shipping) a rim and sell all 5 together ($750 total). I am willing to ship and included photos of the packing the rims will come in. I am located in...
  19. snr

    Wanted 2013 LC200 wheels

    I have a set of 5 rims off my 2013 that I am looking to sell if you are still in the market.
  20. snr

    Wanted  Single TRD Rock Warrior

    I am looking for a single rock warrior wheel for sale in the NM, AZ, UT, CO (4 corners area). If you are willing to split up a set and ship from elsewhere please let me know but only if the price is reasonable.
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