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  1. rompin2001

    DLC Club T-Shirt Order

    Any update on the shirts? Would like to rep DLC over here in Hawaii.
  2. rompin2001

    DLC Club T-Shirt Order

    I recommend Comfort Colors shirts.
  3. rompin2001

    DLC Club T-Shirt Order

    Awesome shirt! 2- Long sleeve / Grey / Large 1- Short sleeve / Grey / Large 1- Long Sleeve / Navy / Large 1- Short Sleeve / Navy / Large
  4. rompin2001


    Hello, I'm John, I've been on the island for a couple months now. I've seen a couple good looking Cruisers around the island! I've been looking for some Cruiser/Toyota people to hangout with. Is there any Land Cruiser meets where enthusiasts just get together and have lunch or dinner once a...
  5. rompin2001

    Birmingham Eats

    I went to MELT a couple weeks ago in downtown Avondale. It was awesome! Welcome
  6. rompin2001

    Creeper thread

  7. rompin2001

    For Sale Section

    Your in Prattville!? Let me know if you ever need any help working on the 40. I'd love to see this thing!
  8. rompin2001

    Prattville meet

    Sounds like a plan to me!
  9. rompin2001

    The ULTIMATE Aviation Thread

    Generators or APU's
  10. rompin2001

    Whining from drivetrain - front diff ?

    AVM Hubs Slee Offroad sells them $860
  11. rompin2001

    Creeper thread

    I have met no cool Cruiser friends in my area... Just a bunch of "Cougars" driving Land Cruisers around here. Haha
  12. rompin2001


    I can do brakes, I've done them on all my vehicles... Honda CRX Si, 350Z, 2001 XJ... I just don't have some of the special tools needed to work on the LC. I will eventually have to acquire them, but for now I want this $hit taken care of.
  13. rompin2001


    If I choose to let the dealer do the TB with all the parts I've bought it adds up to right at $1000
  14. rompin2001


    Idk if his name was Billy, but I told him about MUD and Onur and he gave me 15% off
  15. rompin2001


    Reinhardt Toyota in Montgomery
  16. rompin2001


    I forgot to add, I've already bought everything from beno
  17. rompin2001

    How long can you push the 90k

    172k and counting, I just got a quote from the dealership today($350) I have already ordered EVERYTHING from beno...
  18. rompin2001

    Creeper thread

    I saw a badass blue 80 series westbound down I85 with a canoe strapped to the top. Anybody on here?
  19. rompin2001


    Got quoted at the local Toyota dealer today for Timing Belt service($350) and Front Brake Service($120). Do these prices sound reasonable? I'm capable of doing all this myself just don't have some of the special tools... Setting bearing preload and what not
  20. rompin2001

    Coming to a driveway near you!.... wait.

    I'll be rebooting my CVs, putting on new pads ,rotors, and SPC UCA's.
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