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  1. WanderinWill

    Oil Leak in a 96 model.

    Hoping for a little insight from some of the subject matter experts herr: Looking at a sweet little '96 model 80 series for a friend who is in the market. Topside of the motor looks pretty clean, but there is a decent amount of oil leakage from underneath. Doesn't look like its coming from the...
  2. WanderinWill

    Mounting M12000 control box to ARB Bull Bar

    Totally goofy question here, but I’m searching for options on where best to mount a Warn M12000 control box on my new ARB Bull Bar. Would anyone be up for sharing their creative mounting ideas, photos are a plus! Thanks team
  3. WanderinWill

    Warn XD9000i rebuild

    Greetings all, I just started a rebuild on a sweet Xd9000i. Tearing it down and evaluating now. Can’t wait to see where this takes me.. Anyone else running this winch??
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