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  1. erse

    For Sale  Las Vegas

    $550 or make me an offer, As Kramer would say interesting trades considered. 5 Nitto trail grappler 295/70/17. Date codes late 2016. 4 of 5 are at maybe 40 to 50 percent. One looks unused as it was the spare. Would prefer to sell them all together locally. Trade possibilities camping/cruiser...
  2. erse

    Last minute unofficial Turf n Surf 2019 thread

    Looks like the event is upon us and no real official thread as in years past. Therefore unofficial thread for those going who may want to post up info/plans etc. I will be there in my 100 and dragging a semi-reluctant friend along in his Tacoma and beach buggy. Post up if you are going and...
  3. erse

    Cheap mount for maxtrax crosspost for increased viewership

    Looking for ideas if anyone in the 100 series forum has been down this road
  4. erse

    Cheap mount for maxtrax

    I have a 100 series with a gamviti rack Does anyone have a good cheap solution that they have used to secure the maxtrax? Per the gamviti website there are a few options but none of them are particularly cheap and some are currently out of stock. I was hoping for a homemade solution to avoid...
  5. erse

    Rav 4 or similar for Mother in law?

    Good morning all, Need some help/advice. My mother in law is 2500 miles away and usually that's a good thing :) Unfortunately when she is having car trouble its kind of a PIA. She has a 2013 Ford escape which despite only 46k miles is allegedly having transmission problems. My first reaction...
  6. erse

    Tidying electrical help

    Hoping someone with a lot more electrical savvy than I have can steer me to a good way forward. In trying to replace the AUX battery I have of course turned a 20 minute thing into a two day thing :bang: My...
  7. erse

    slee aux battery, tight fit, advice needed

    I am sure I might find some info with a comprehensive search but I am hoping for some down and dirty advice, before I get called in to work. Slee Aux battery with compressor mount. Trying to squeeze in the recommended size per the slee website. PO had a smaller battery in there and I see why...
  8. erse

    SOLD  88 with Vortec

    SOLD Pending final transfer This vehicle is in excellent condition. Professionally converted drivetrain. Just spent many months at valley hybrids getting everything in great shape for a summer of cruising. Rust free land cruiser. I believe its history was always southwest. AZ, CA, CO and NV...
  9. erse

    Anyone ever sold property to offerpad, Zillow or the like?

    I am down to only a few options to try to salvage a deal to buy a new house. Seller didn't want a contingency based on me selling my current home. I looked in to open door but their offer wasn't great. Surprisingly both Zillow and offerpad came up with significantly better numbers, at least so...
  10. erse

    Wanted  First car for teenager

    Helping out a recently widowed work colleague. She is looking for a first car for her soon to be 16 year old son. 5k budget and that would have to include the cost of transport if you are far away from Las Vegas. Priorities are obviously cheap to fix and insure and preferably slow! Ideally...
  11. erse

    ARB modular rear license relocation bracket

    Yes I have searched unsuccessfully. New to me 100 series with the ARB modular rear, has tire swing out on left. My problem is I need to add the license relocation bracket as my plate is partially obscured and that's a big deal around here apparently. Not sure I have all of the pieces from the...
  12. erse

    ARB modular rear jerry can capacity

    Does anyone else have the ARB modular rear bumper with jerry can swing out? I am the new owner of a 2000 LX that has the bumper and would like to add a jerry can holder. Problem is I only see pics of a one can capacity option for the ARB, which seems inadequate. I saw something online that...
  13. erse

    For Sale  2011 Nashville

    Not mine but popped up on my national search. Might be worth a look despite that stripe
  14. erse

    Wanted  88 FJ62 Front bumper Las Vegas/San Diego

    Looking for a front bumper in good shape, preferably with end caps. I have a 4plus on the front right now but with no plans for a while to run a winch would like to drive her for a time with an original bumper on the front. Let me know if you have one, I am in Las Vegas but have family in San...
  15. erse

    looking for advice on beginners spray paint equipment

    Next possible projects on the 62 will include painting newly acquired bare metal sliders sliders and sound deadening/new carpet on the inside. @NCFJ has mentioned lizard skin products in some of his builds and I would like to try it. I have zero paint experience. Looking for some advice for a...
  16. erse

    Towing limits for modified rig

    Looking for some advice on towing a camping trailer with my 88. It has a Vortec in it now and should have enough oomph for some travel trailer adventures. My off road camping trailer has some limits according to :princess: I guess a bathroom is sometimes desirable :meh:. Planning on renting a...
  17. erse

    Has anyone gone from one CARB approved enigne swap to a second?

    I have a new to me 88 with a vortec in it. Previously this truck had a 5.7 tbi set up. It was CARB approved with a sticker on the firewall. Per the seller this new set up was updated with CARB and approved and smogged. However the firewall sticker still refers to the old engine set up. Has...
  18. erse

    SOLD  85 FJ60 with 5.7 TBI, H55, onboard air, rear ARB locker, dual battery etc.

    Asking Price 16,500 OBO Unless I win the lottery soon I have to part with this 85 I have owned for about a year. I just picked up a new to me 62 and I cannot keep both. This one was converted to a 5.7 TBI approx 69k miles ago. The engine was a crate engine and the H55 was new and the transfer...
  19. erse

    5.3 vortec pedal question

    I just acquired a 62 with the vortec in it. Great truck but a few minor items to be ironed out. the first thing I need to address is the pedal set up. The brake pedal and accelerator are too close together. It doesn't help that the brake pedal has about 3/4 of an inch of lateral play in it also...
  20. erse

    painless dual battery giving me pain

    Switched out the alternator on my 60 along with a bunch of other stuff, ac compressor etc. Picked up a camping trailer in northern California and drove back to vegas. Second day of travel it appeared that the trailer was not getting enough power to keep the battery charged. When home checked a...
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