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  1. JDM Journeys

    Canada - 1999 KZJ90 Land Cruiser "build"

    I hesitate to call this a "build thread", since I won't be doing anything major, but there is a distinct lack of info out there for these rigs in North America. Even many of the posts in this sub are misdirected, so there's not even as many here as it seems. :( My goal here is to get some...
  2. JDM Journeys

    Factory winch mounting plate (for j90)? Anyone installed it?

    Bullbars for the j90 aren't easy to come by here in North America, and I kinda like the simplicity of the factory bumper, so I did some searching through parts lists... The three pieces that allow you to put an electric winch behind the factory bumper are still available from Toyota. Anyone...
  3. JDM Journeys

    1HZ versus 1PZ in a 70: economy and driveability differences?

    Long time reader, "newbie poster"... (Disclaimer: Searched high and low, but have been unable to come up with conclusions.) I've been driving Mitsubishi turbo diesels for the last 15 years, and gas ones for 10 years before that. My latest is a direct injection 3.2L which works beautifully. But...
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