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  1. Irish Reiver


    I do 200 pumps (each side) from my grease gun twice a year. I know that isn't particularly scientific so I added a note to count how many pumps per tube of grease. I suspect I get about 300 pumps per tube but will know for sure in a few weeks. For what it is worth, I just use Supertech lithium...
  2. Irish Reiver

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    First camping trip of 2020. Really only a practice run to make sure I have all my kit ready. A few new additions including this Coleman oven. Could not believe how excellent this worked. Next big(ish) trip is in 10 days.
  3. Irish Reiver

    Florida LandCruiser Owner Registry

    Welcome. Hope you're not coming from somewhere like Colorado with good off roading. Florida is a tough gig for that kind of thing. I am up in the Lake Nona area to the south east of orlando. Always happy to help out where I can. I have most tools and not much on my 80 that I haven't baselined. :)
  4. Irish Reiver

    Bolt on turbo kit

    Between feeling " enabled" because of this thread and the fact that my original mounts are now 26 years old and "empowered" by @Onur Who was sat next to me relating how s*** a job it is to but "you will do it a few hours" I ended up ordering a set. I wonder how long they will sit on the shelf :)...
  5. Irish Reiver

    ...steering loose on a 80 series, what are the most common worn parts ?

    Same here. Also did the panhard bushes. Quite shocking the difference it made to to handling of my rig. It's a good place to start. Then follow up with rod ends and anything else that feels worn.
  6. Irish Reiver

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    3" and sitting on 315's. I did the @Delta VS rear panhard correction bracket last year but all I did on the front was put new OEM bushings in it.
  7. Irish Reiver

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Finally replaced all my TRE's. Only the second time using this tool but what a difference it makes. Adjusted the relay rod and tie rod to the specs in the FSM but was surprised to see how far out my alignment was. Used the @Tools R Us method to adjust alignment. I added a tiny bit of toe in...
  8. Irish Reiver

    80 Series Front DC Driveshaft - Loaner

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have a front DC driveshaft for a 80 Series that I could borrow for a week? I just wanting to confirm that it will solve my problem before I spend the money on one. Thanks J
  9. Irish Reiver

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I actually had a productive weekend for once. Its cold here at the moment so perfect for wrenching. Started with the front and rear control arms. 3 corners are so simple it takes less than 30 mins per corner....then you hit the front passenger. Almost every bolt is fouled by something. That...
  10. Irish Reiver

    Wits’ End

    I hear he is very short....;)
  11. Irish Reiver

    1FZ-FE Engine problem Check this out. It was the first problem I had with my cruiser. A mix of @Qball and @Tools R Us (RIP) fixed it.
  12. Irish Reiver

    Anybody running a Cold Air Intake on their 80 series?

    ...and the chicks love them. To quote someone on this forum " when the snorkel goes up, the panties come down"...:flipoff2:
  13. Irish Reiver

    80 Series carbon footprint - I lose

    I found this on the internet a few years back. When people criticize my cruiser I just point at their dogs and tell them I will get rid of the cruiser when they get rid of their dog. That usually ends the discussion. "Their most startling conclusion is that dogs are significantly more damaging...
  14. Irish Reiver

    Unexpected Christmas Gift - What Now....

    I had no idea about this at all. It is still unopened so returning it is not out of the question. What one would you have recommended?
  15. Irish Reiver

    Builds 1997 6M1 Collectors Edition Restore and Build

    My '94 was 6M1 with a grey interior. 6M1 had to go but I did keep the grey interior.
  16. Irish Reiver

    Unexpected Christmas Gift - What Now....

    Happy New Year!!! This little toy was waiting for me under the tree. Always had a desire to learn how to weld so now it looks like 2020 will be the year it happens. I have never held a welding gun in my life and as close as I have ever got to welding was watching @cruisermatt weld up my caster...
  17. Irish Reiver

    BASICS: The A/C belt is as easy as you think it should be

    True, but when you drop your wrench and it lands on that plate thingie you have to remove it anyway to retrieve the wrench. Down side is, with the cover removed, the wrench just hit you on the head..:doh:
  18. Irish Reiver

    New AC belt won't go on.

    If my memory serves me right, you need to pull the skid plate from the bottom so you can access the tensioner bolt which is part of the idler pully.
  19. Irish Reiver

    RTH - Alternator or starter problem - TIA

    @96LandcruiserPJ I'm still a little confused by the terminology. You mention in your first post that at 12.5v you couldn't get her to "turn over". Does this mean it wouldn't crank or it would crank but not not start? Also when measuring the voltage on a flooded battery the decimal points are...
  20. Irish Reiver

    Wont crank, odd situation.

    I would very much Second this suggestion. Mine developed a bad stumble for no apparent reason. Would run but really rough. I started poking around with a stethoscope and in the process made her run sweet again. A little bit of harness wiggling identified 2 loose connectors on the middle...
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