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    New Guy

    Hey all, I just picked up a 94 SR. It's only got 171k on i, but she purrs like a kitten! Remembered this site from when I had my Cruiser, great to see a Mitsu forum even if there isn't much going on in here. Maybe that will change though.
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    4 sale 1974 FJ40! Imported from Central America

    i would be interested in the turn signals if any body else is.
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    Coil suspension in a 70's 40.

    I am also interested in those pics, monster. Please e-mail them to thanks
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    Parting out '74 FJ40

    if you still have the gas tank cover let me know, and if so what do you need out of it?
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    parting out an fj40

    does it have the long or short jumpseats?
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    Conferr Jerry can mount/ tow hooks FS

    what would you have to have out of the jerry can mount?
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