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  1. mrldcty

    Transmission & Transfer Case Advice

    FWIW, I just just swapped in an Orion case built by Georg at Valley Hybrids. My truck is a 1980 with 3.73 diffs, 33" tires and a 4 speed. I can still do 65 mph on the tarmac with the taller tires, but my low range is now lower (4.11 equivalent final??), so I'm liking this setup more and more...
  2. mrldcty

    Creepy engine noises

    Yep... creepy AF! Sounds like a velociraptor with the stomach flu!
  3. mrldcty

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

  4. mrldcty

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Just getting the transmission and new Orion case back in after sealing the timing plate and cover, oil pan, rear main seal, etc... Should be driving her again soon... that is, IF I didn't miss something! Thanks to Georg for the help!
  5. mrldcty

    New member intro

    Congrats and welcome! I'm relatively new as well, but have found this forum invaluable!
  6. mrldcty

    Leaking Timing Cover Gasket

    Yeah... Thanks for that. I suspect even new they were not all that flat. I'll give it go and see how flat I can get it.
  7. mrldcty

    Leaking Timing Cover Gasket

    I'm working on refreshing the gaskets/seal on the front of my engine, so have been reading this thread. I removed the cam gear with some heat and a puller... it come off easily at around 225 deg F. I have a question about the timing cover: How flat should I expect it to be? The one I have is...
  8. mrldcty

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Going after leaks in the front! Sure seems like the timing gear cover could be flatter... is it common for them to be a bit "scalloped" between the bolt holes? Not the best picture... We got the cam gear to about 225 deg F and it slid right off! Now to un-stake the screws and get the plate off.
  9. mrldcty

    Entry Assist

    Looks like she just needs to drive so she can use the steering wheel to get in, right?? :hillbilly:
  10. mrldcty

    1977 2f front oil leak

    Sometimes you just need to learn the hard way. :bang:
  11. mrldcty

    1977 2f front oil leak

    There is a ton of gunk on the front of the engine, mostly down low. So, my logic is to do the pan now, removing the front cap to get the old gasket material out and make sure those two bottom timing cover bolts have sealer when they go back in. Clean up the front as much as possible in the...
  12. mrldcty

    1977 2f front oil leak

    Resurrecting this old thread with a related question: I needed to replace my TC, so out came the trans, TC, clutch, pan, rear main seal, pilot bearing... basically everything aft of the timing gear plate. Since I had the aft crankshaft bearing cap off to replace the seal, it made it easier to...
  13. mrldcty

    Stuck axle

    My question is how did the birf come off without pulling the inner axle out... no bueno.
  14. mrldcty

    Introduction - ‘84 FJ40 non-US spec

    Well said sir! Working on my 40 has been a real joy and kept me out of trouble during the pandemic for sure!
  15. mrldcty

    Introduction - ‘84 FJ40 non-US spec

    I love that interior! Full float rear axle... is that common in Saudi Arabia? WELCOME!
  16. mrldcty

    Re-sealing transmission... FIGP on gaskets?

    Thanks folks... FIGP it is then!
  17. mrldcty

    Re-sealing transmission... FIGP on gaskets?

    Replacing my T-Case, so decided to re-seal the transmission while I had it out. Looks like the original gaskets were put in dry... what say you, FIGP orange on the gaskets or dry? Seems like it might effect the shift tolerances if used on the top plate?
  18. mrldcty

    Exhaust Attachments FJ40

    Maybe this will help? TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 40 55FJ40L-KJA - TOOL-ENGINE-FUEL - EXHAUST PIPE | Japan Parts EU -
  19. mrldcty

    Old Man Emu Installation Video - 1979 FJ40

    One mistake I made when installing my OME kit was that I didn't realize that the rear shackles were an inch longer than the front. I ended up moving them rear to front, then back to the rear trying to get my pinion geometry to work out properly. Not sure if this is the case with the lighter...
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