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  1. J

    Intermittent engine noise- diagnostic help?

    I will double check tomorrow but I’m pretty confident it’s independent of the AC. I live in West Florida and the AC is running all the time, it’s near 80 and humid first thing in the morning and over 90 much of each day. I should have cut the AC when it happens to verify , but I know some of...
  2. J

    Intermittent engine noise- diagnostic help?

    When it occurs it is pretty loud, you can tell something isn’t right. But other times it’s not there at all. Thanks for the responses, I appreciate any ideas.
  3. J

    Intermittent engine noise- diagnostic help?

    My 2016 LC with @72k miles is making a chirping, squeaking noise under the hood, like a bearing going bad or perhaps a belt slipping. But it does this intermittently, especially after the truck has been running for awhile. It never does it when the vehicle is cold, so if I take it in for...
  4. J

    Time to Replace My "Original" Tires -- Considering Lift and Going Bigger? Grocery-getter.

    Keep your stock suspension. What makes sense is Michelin Defenders or something similar, but clearly that’s not what you’re interested in. If you must have AT’s, Falken Wildpeaks now come in a lightweight P rated version in 285/65r18 which is what the off-road version of the new Sequoia comes...
  5. J

    Airbag advice for towing

    Yes stock shocks and springs work great with the airbags. It’s been a while and I don’t recall what I was charged, a couple hundred maybe?
  6. J

    Considering joining the LC family

    The Gx is a great vehicle if the size and towing capabilities are adequate for your needs. I assume you have seen that there is a separate forum here for GX460 and GX470 that is fairly active, I imagine it can teach you a lot about your new truck. Enjoy the ride!
  7. J

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    What is “dry ice cleaning “?
  8. J

    BFGoodrich KO3

    Looking at the tread pattern, it looks like diagonal grooves cross the tread blocks versus the random pattern on KO2. Wondering if this is designed to improve on road wet performance? I’m no expert on this at all, but circular or diagonal channels for water are a feature of most tires that...
  9. J

    Towing with a 200-series Toyota Land Cruiser

    Not sure what you’re asking exactly? I tow a boat that is @35000-4000lbs straight off the hitch. Apples to Oranges perhaps, but if you’re really only 3k lbs loaded I wouldn’t think a weight distributing hitch setup would be needed.
  10. J

    2023 Toyota Sequoia - 3rd Generation REVEALED

    I agree with this. There are aspects of the new Sequoia that enthusiasts will really like…smaller exterior dimensions, shorter wheelbase, solid rear axle….but as a practical vehicle for families, I’m not sure the new one is better than the outgoing model. The Grand Highlander may fill the...
  11. J

    Land Cruiser: What's your Main Use?

    Tow vehicle for my 21’ fishing boat, in addition to family trips & daily driver. It tows well in spite of the short wheelbase.
  12. J

    New Michelin AT tire?

    Not sure this is the best place to discuss, but the new Sequoia TRD Pro comes in P rated 285/65r18 Falken Wildpeaks. This size was previously only available in LT rated. So I would assume lighter and more compliant. I suppose for some, P rated Falkens might be the worst of breed…worse on road...
  13. J

    Complete table of 200 series traction control options

    You have to hold the button down for 3+ seconds before it does anything. My 2016 LC has the RSCA OFF button, and it works in 4HI or 4LO but only if you hold it down for 3 seconds. Then a light on the dash comes on to confirm air bags are off.
  14. J

    Tire Rack Michelin Defender vs. Continental HT

    Interesting results. I think what tires are being compared is worth considering. The Defenders have a surprisingly good reputation for being capable off road as a highway truck tire…so they’re often compared on MUD versus AT tires, where the Defenders shine in an easy comparison in wet...
  15. J

    Considerations for Extreme Cold

    We have a freeze warning with a low of 32 degrees here in Tampa FL tomorrow night! High of 48 on Saturday! Temps won’t get back in the 70’s for a week! I know to bring in the orchids and hope for the best for the banana trees, but any special tips for the LC in the garage??
  16. J

    Trying to understand center diff. vs. rear vs. front lock

    Yes but won’t the spinning wheel automatically have brake applied, via traction control and/or ATRAC, to prevent this from ever happening on a 200? The video with the 4runner with ATRAC off demonstrates what an open diff will do with spinning wheels…but I thought the traction control/braking to...
  17. J

    Trying to understand center diff. vs. rear vs. front lock

    As someone who isn’t using the truck on anything difficult when off pavement, I’m still fuzzy on whether & when I should lock the center diff. It seems like the CRAWL would potentially direct more power front/rear as needed if the diff is open, versus 50/50 when it’s locked? Also the manual...
  18. J

    Bouncy Bouncy

    I thought the Firestone airbags looked flimsy when I got them. But I had them installed @3 years ago and they have worked perfectly so far. I have two air inlets mounted by the hitch receiver.
  19. J

    If you had to do it again.. (Wheels & Tires)

    You can always increase tire pressure slightly if it feels too squishy. I prefer the ride on the highway with my P rated 275/65r18 Michelin Defender’s at 35-36psi vs the 33psi spec. I’m sure overdoing this would hurt handling but I find a slight increase in psi is noticeable, and subjectively...
  20. J

    LC 200 differences

    They are all capable and reliable. Features change over time, prior threads on the differences.
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