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  1. J

    Cruise Nite in Southeastern PA Free Ice Cream.

    As the proud owner of an 80, I would love to give an open invitation to any LC owners who want to stop by a cruise nite I'm sponsoring at my ice cream shop in Plumsteadville, PA right in between NY and Philly. It's Monday June 5th from 6PM until 9PM. Address is Chubby's Dairy Barn 5904...
  2. J

    1st Annual Eastern Campfire

    One other question? Is there a ih8mud group site? When I called it sounded like many groups had group sites (gotham etc.) Thanks.
  3. J

    1st Annual Eastern Campfire

    Hello, I'm a total newbie having just gotten my 80 a few weeks ago. I would love to come to an event and see what it's all about. In addition, I'm an antique barn restorer, and we frequently save up massive amounts of 200 year old white oak that is too small to reuse as beams. I would be...
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