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  1. Malleus

    Running Boards Hardware Schedule?

    Yeah, that one's harder. Toyota has two part number systems; one is position specific and meant to be human readable, the other isn't. It's a safe be it's about the same size as the other, which means M10x 35-mm long, SAE gr. 5/ISO 8.8. The length isn't critical; as long as it gets out of the...
  2. Malleus

    Running Boards Hardware Schedule?

    According to the fiche, the horizontal bolts which connect the step to the body are: which, if memory serves, makes them M8x16-mm long. My secret decoder ring says the last 5 digits describe the fastener: position 1 is the torque class, postisions 2-3 are the diameter, and positions 4-5 are...
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