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  1. afgman786

    40 inspection help (Winston-Salem)

    Hoping one of yal that are versed in 40s is able to help my cousin out with inspecting a 40 he found in Winston-Salem. He's driving up from GA Monday to potentially purchase/check out on Tuesday. If someone is able to help out that'd be awesome! Gotta have something for Relic Run right?
  2. afgman786

    February Trail Ride (Valentines Run) Feb 21st

    Posting up to see if anyone would be interested in doing a run in February like we did this past V-day weekend. I was thinking same set up? Run Flagpole Knob people can camp or do the same hotel as 2019's run. The below link is for the past run...
  3. afgman786

    40 Help

    Hey cousin found a diesel 40 for a in GA and wants to know what to look for when checking it out tomorrow
  4. afgman786

    Potts Mountain Jeep Trail

    Just watched this video by MSO. Looks like it could be a fun trail to check out on one of our trail rides!
  5. afgman786

    Dec 21st Trail Ride

    Talked with @lacefro @TTViper @iBlaze about wheeling on Dec 21st. Plan is to hit up Peter's Mill for the day. Posting here to see if anyone else is interested in joining. MEET UP DEC 21 @ 9:30AM Little Fort Campground Fr1702, Fort Valley, VA 22652 DAILY PASS FROM: -exit 283 off US81 (W...
  6. afgman786

    Dealer  Atlanta, GA - 97 Factory Locked LC - Not Mine

    Found this down in Atlanta when I was visiting this week.
  7. afgman786

    BudBuilt Skid Install

    Hey all, just wanted to provided a write up on BudBuilt Skid plate install. Wasn't difficult when I took time to slow down and thing it out instead of just attacking it. Hoping this will help someone else out in the future that is trying to wrench on their 200, but like me and getting into...
  8. afgman786

    Flagpole trail ride Oct 11-13

    Hey guys. Just came across this on FB if anyone is interested in going.
  9. afgman786

    Food for Fall Crawl 2019

    Starting this up, so we can plan the meals for each night. I'm offering up lamb kabobs for Thursday night The list: Thursday: lamb kabobs (me) Friday: bbq @JohnVee and chili @Stumpalama -JohnVee: - 75-100 plates. - bread & butter pickles for those who like that kind of thing. - plenty of bbq...
  10. afgman786

    Mudship offer NOVA - ATL

    Hey fellas going down to Atlanta the 30th and coming back the 8th. If there's anything anyone needs brought back or dropped off on the way down let me know! Also anyone have extra handhelds I can borrow? Baofeng or what not? Going to be wheeling that labor day weekend and camping with cousins...
  11. afgman786

    Save The Date: Fall Crawl at the Cove in Gore, VA October 25th-27th!

    Great News! That's right, after a four year absence, Fall Crawl is going back to the Cove in Gore, VA! For the uninitiated, the Cove has an extensive network of trails for all skill levels. Access the trails right from the large group camp. Event updates will be posted here: Official 2019 Fall...
  12. afgman786

    Events/Trails  Fall Crawl at The Cove in Virginia

    Hey all! Part of CLCC, and we are hosting a Fall Crawl event along with BBRC at the Cove in Gore, VA October 25-27!! We have posted up about this on the local club pages that are around. CLCC, BBRC, ONSC, Keystone Cruisers. I've seen a few mud members on here that are local to VA, but I haven't...
  13. afgman786

    Day Trip to Wolf Den Run State Park

    Wanted to post up a poll to see who all is interested in doing a day trip to Wolf Den. I have the poll open until Aug 30th. The way they are working is you call ahead of time to reserve spots on whichever day you're looking to wheel. They have a 50 rig limit for each day, this way I think it...
  14. afgman786

    Trail Tailor LCA Skids

    Can't find instructions on how to install the control arm skids and trying to work on it. I see that I need to take the bolt holding the LCA in place. With taking that bolt out do I need to worry about the control arm dropping. Should this work be done while the rig is on a lift and not under...
  15. afgman786

    VIR Michelin GT Cup

    They are host the Michelin GT Cup at Virginia International Raceway Aug 23-25. Would anyone be interested in making the trip down? Thinking about going since I won't make Petit Le Mans in Atlanta this year.
  16. afgman786

    May Club Meeting @ Kilroy's 7:30PM May 1, 2019

    Coming off of a fun weekend at RR looking forward to bringing my dad to this month's meeting. Just a fair warning my family is very conservative and old school Afghan. (They don't know that I drink and would like to keep it that way)
  17. afgman786

    TRD Sale Today!

    TRD Sale saw this posted in the 200 section, figured pass this info along in case anyone wants to take advantage of the sale. The sale goes all day today.
  18. afgman786

    Tire trial help...

    Don't know where to post this... so figured I'd make a thread... Anyone in the group running 295/65r18 or 33x12.5r18 on their rig? Asking for a fellow member to let me do a test fit before I drop the money
  19. afgman786

    SOLD  Gainesville, VA: Surco Roof Rack $400

    Looking to sell my Surco Roof Rack with all the attachments I had for it. Used to run it on my FJ80. The rack covers the entire roof of an FJ80. The rack comes with the following attachments Tire Mount 4 Light Mounts Axe/Shovel Mount
  20. afgman786

    got a 97 cruiser and need exhaust

    I've been looking around of the internet a good bit and talked to a few mechanics, but haven't gotten any input from anyone that's actually running a Borla exhaust on an 80 series. Might possibly be buying the exhaust soon, i just want to make sure i'm making a smart buy or if i should get...
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