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  1. S4Cruiser

    For Sale  NC: 60 series seats - assorted colors

    Moving some parts from one storage unit to another and these drew the short straw to be purged. Brown rear - $100. SPF - Grey passenger fronts - $75 each or $100 for the pair (use the bases for your drives side) ‘Chocolate’ leather driver front - was $ $25 Can get additional pics on...
  2. S4Cruiser

    For Sale  NC: ‘77 fj45 lwb seats

    I’m moving some parts from one storage unit to another and have decided to do a selective purge... These seats are out of a 1977 Canadian 45 series. I believe this was junk’s old truck. Vinyl covers will need replacing and the foam on the drivers side bottom is pretty beat. They have SOR covers...
  3. S4Cruiser

    Back in a wagon - 2007 LX470

    It's been maybe 8 years since I sold my 80 series and I've regretted it ever since. While I've enjoyed driving nice new cars over the past few years, the practicality / functionality of Land Cruiser suvs drew me back in. I've been sleuth searching for a year or so and a serious buyer over the...
  4. S4Cruiser

    Wanted  40 Series Heater Pipes - no rear heater

    Found!!! Thanks. I'm looking for a pair of heater pipes that pass through the firewall without the rear heater ports. These are for my '70 fj40. Thanks!
  5. S4Cruiser

    SOLD  Found ‘Deep’ water pump pulley

    Need the one circled in blue below!
  6. S4Cruiser

    F135 - crank pulley to timing cover distance

    I’m not sure if I’ve beat my crank pulley on far enough... Can someone check and see if the distance from the backside of their crank pulley to timing cover is similar to mine? I beat on it and it went on like I felt it should but I can’t tell if it’s bottomed out on the crank/oil slinger or not.
  7. S4Cruiser

    Wanted  FJ40 Electrical bits - 4wd light socket and Heater plug

    Working through the rewire of my 67 and need a couple pieces to finish it out... - light socket for the 4wd indicator on the dash. This one is almost identical to the left and right turn socket light but it has 2 vs 1 wire. Need the socket plus a few inches of connected wire. - harnes side...
  8. S4Cruiser

    Parking brake handle ‘pin’ removal

    Attempting to dissemble the parking brake handle for my ‘67. On the rear section of the handle where the spring is, there is a ‘pin’ that is driven through the handle shaft. I want to remove it to blast and paint. I can’t figure out which way to drive the pin. It’s in there solid and I don’t...
  9. S4Cruiser

    Pics needed - Under Dash Wiring for earlier 40 series

    Like a dumbass I failed to take pics when ripping out my original wiring...but to be honest it was half hacked anyways. I'm installing a new coolerman harness and was hoping someone had or could take some pic of the under dash loom? I want to get mine as close to correct as possible. Mine is...
  10. S4Cruiser

    SOLD  JIS SEMS Screws - Yellow Zinc

    All sold currently. (50) M6-1.0 x 16mm SEMS Screws - $10.00 plus shipping (50) M6-1.0 x 20mm SEMS Screws - $12.00 plus shipping I wanted to replace what I removed with the same but the heads on most of these screws on my 40 series stripped...even with a JIS driver. Aside from SOR, I couldn’t...
  11. S4Cruiser

    Wanted  Early FJ40 Choke knob and cable

    This is the last dash knob I need for my ‘67 FJ40. I would prefer an unrestored knob as my refurbish plan is to not clear the knobs (just clean and repaint letters). I procrastinated for one listed on eBay (~$125) and it’s sold now. Example of knob I’m looking for.
  12. S4Cruiser

    Wanted  Early FJ40 Tail Light Cone Covers

    I need two but will buy singles as well! Here is a pick of what I need...1967 and older 40 series.
  13. S4Cruiser

    For Sale  FJ40/FJ45 Front Disc Brake Axle

    I am selling a disc brake axle from a 1977 FJ45. The axle is complete (includes differential) minus the hubs lockouts (they were pulled for another project). Will likely need rebuilding (new caliper cores, rotors, etc.). $650 plus shipping. I can put on a pallet and get to Fastenal if...
  14. S4Cruiser

    SOLD  Rebuilt Splitcase with 4L60e/4L65e Adapter

    I am selling a rebuilt (by Georg at Valley Hybrids) Land Cruiser splitcase (34mm idler version) with already installed (part that bolts to the case) Advance Adapters 50-0408a adapter. AA 50-0408a adapts the splitcase to either a 4l60e or 4l65e 2wd automatic transmission. Here is the link to...
  15. S4Cruiser

    Wanted  WTB FJ40 Bezel w/patina

    Looking for a fj40 bezel clad in 'patina'. The one I currently have for my '67 yellow I'd like to have a white/stock colored bezel with matching patina.
  16. S4Cruiser

    Wanted  40 series tcase front nose cone

    Looking for a 4spd 40 series tcase front nose cone. The version with the ribs vs the smooth one. Is a plus if confirmed the front output shaft bearing still fits tight in the nose cone (i.e. Has not been spun). Mine has a small crack that is leaking fluid. :bang:
  17. S4Cruiser

    Mudship space available - Durham to Greeneville and back

    Will be making a trip from Durham to Greenville, SC tentatively on Thursday 8/16. Will be driving the Chevy and have some room on the way down and tons of room on the way back. Available to take/bring back whatever, just ask.
  18. S4Cruiser

    Machine Shop Needed

    For those following my yellow truck build, my F135 needs main a minimum. Figured I'd then have the head magnafluxed, valve job, blah blah blah. THoff in Raleigh has been the only shop I've used, mainly b/c all the other shops around this area all directed me to them. They've...
  19. S4Cruiser

    Wanted  F135 Intake Manifold Collars

    Wanted - F135 intake manifold 'collars'. There are three, indicated below as #9 and #10 in the image. They are metal rings that are split...which I'm sure most on this sub-forum are very aware :). I could attempt to fabricate some but I am clueless as to the dimensions. They have been long NLA...
  20. S4Cruiser

    Wanted  Found...F135 rocker oil tube

    Hoping to find one that is not all bent to hell like mine...
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