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  1. SLOonTheGo

    Looking for BEST manual hand pump for Fat Tires

    I've been using my Lezyne Floor Drive for around 12 years now. I've never had any issues and it still works like new. Make sure to get the high volume version of whatever you decide on.
  2. SLOonTheGo

    Outfitting the shorter rider...

    Most brands now have women's specific design bikes. Specialized, Trek, and Giant all make some great women's road rides that come in smaller sizes. The best bet would be to head to a bike shop while she is home and see what she has and what they like. If she is going to do the Tri scene then...
  3. SLOonTheGo

    IH8MUD racing

    Just got my jersey, looks awesome thanks!
  4. SLOonTheGo

    Moab tires

    My trail bike is running Kenda Excavators front and rear and I like the way they hook up. Race setup, more center knobs and still good cornering which might be better for riding on rocks is a Maxxis Ardent up front with a Maxxis Crossmark out back. Really nice setup.
  5. SLOonTheGo

    IH8MUD racing

    Sweet, thank you for the information and all the hard work. I really do appreciate it and I really am quite excited about this jersey. Fingers crossed that we can make it happen. Sticking with the large.
  6. SLOonTheGo

    IH8MUD racing

    Racing a 24 in a few months, might be in for another jersey soon, but I am inclined to see sizing and such.
  7. SLOonTheGo

    IH8MUD racing

    Hmm, if it did I am pretty sure I would not get it. I failed Beer Shotgunning in college :doh:. Thanks, for the luck though, I need it both to get the upgrade, and in finding the single speed I want to build.
  8. SLOonTheGo

    IH8MUD racing

    just ordered a large short sleeve. Would still be interested in racing for the mud team come next mountain season. Hoping to upgrade to Cat 1 SS next year.
  9. SLOonTheGo

    IH8MUD racing

    I might be down for one depending on cost. Will be racing Cat 1 mountain this summer.
  10. SLOonTheGo

    Presta vs schrader valves

    I just like the fact that the presta valve does not get contaminated and you do not need the valve cap like with a schrader. I have had a few schraders stop working because goop got stuck in the interior of the valve and I had to swap the entire tube out and use a tree branch to clean it out.
  11. SLOonTheGo

    26 or 29er?

    Depends, the 29er is great if you are a tall rider, say over 5'10 or 5'11. Honestly I would start with a 26" hardtail and then move on from there. You will always love your first bike, but it is a lot like cruisers, your dream will evolve into bigger and badder as you decide what branch of...
  12. SLOonTheGo

    Whoah! Seriously comfy bike seat! What's your best choice?

    I have a wtb Devo on my fully and an older specialized body geometry on my dirt jumper. I like both but the speci wins when it comes to comfort. The devo just makes you more maneuverable and takes the edge off.
  13. SLOonTheGo

    B the NV

    nm, I am too tired and cant read tonight.
  14. SLOonTheGo

    Full susp or hardtail?

    For 500 dollars you are not going to get a full suspension that works well with lockout on forks and the rear shock. My trance was 2k, I have hydro brakes nice rims and great pedaling, but no lock out. It really isn't needed these days since the suspension designs minimize bob. But it will be...
  15. SLOonTheGo

    Touring bike suggestions..

    Honestly I would just rock this bike. SURLYVILLE That is what I want to get for touring and just all around grocery getting. Best of luck with the trip!
  16. SLOonTheGo

    BMW Park frame give away

    That is a sweet setup. Count me in!
  17. SLOonTheGo

    Road Bikes. Suggestions?

    475 is roughly half of what it cost new. So it depends on whether it has had some part upgrades and what kind of shape it is in. Also is it your correct size? That is going to be a huge factor in whether or not a road bike feels right.
  18. SLOonTheGo

    Back at it again

    Transition Covert or the Transition Preston, both bikes make me drool and wish I had more cash monies. They nearly got me to sell my cruiser to afford one... Nearly...
  19. SLOonTheGo

    Dirt Jumper

    Well, it depends on what you plan to do with it. If you're actually going to jump it and use it for urban then most DJ bikes will fit you. They are normally 16.5 or mediums. Now, if you want it for more of a trail bike that you can ride trails and DJ then you need something you can slam a long...
  20. SLOonTheGo

    Thoughts on new MTB tires?

    A kenda small block 8 rear and a kenda nevegal front end makes for a great commuting and offroad setup. I run them on my bike when I am doing long races and such but still need some good traction up front for trails.
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