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    Soft Tailgate upgrade

    This has probably been answered but what size drill bit for tailgate? thanks!
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    Mud flaps

    Anyone have a recommendation for mudflaps after deleting fender flares? Thanks!
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    All rear seats delete and add new floor.

    Thanks for all the responses! I’m looking for something a little more durable. I have brand new carpet so I don’t want to wreck it just yet and most of my stuff is muddy so it would be a cleaning nightmare. I’m liking the plywood idea. I’d love to have the goose gear but can’t afford it. thanks...
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    All rear seats delete and add new floor.

    Has anyone built (or purchased) a new floor platform after removing all rear seats. My goal is to have the entire back for storage. Basically like a truck bed. I don’t want drawers or anything raised. Just something flat that can be partially or completely removed if I want to temporarily put...
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    Finally, A Proper OE-Style 80-Series Sound System

    Can you show how you mounted the 3rd row/cargo area speakers?
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    Behind seat net replacement?

    TomH Thank you!
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    Behind seat net replacement?

    Anyone know of any aftermarket replacements for saggy net pocket behind front seats? Thanks in advance
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    40th Anniversary Fender Emblems 80-Series

    Can you do these in any other color? my 40th has been painted black. Thank you!
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    Cover rear wheel wells

    Thank you voodu3! If anyone else has any creative ideas lemme know!
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    Cover rear wheel wells

    The carpet is stained and would prefer something without the holes etc. An aftermarket source or something DIY.
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    Cover rear wheel wells

    Please post pics of what you used to cover interior rear wheel wells after third row deletion. Thanks!
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