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    2000 LX Wheel Rim Center Cap

    partsouq, It is about 28
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    Service: Wheel bearing, Steering Knuckle, Brake & Timing belt W/Surprises!

    Thanks, I am working on my 03lc, I check your threads one by one before I begin my job as usual.
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    1998 TLC UZJ100 frame off resto build log

    TOYOTA should give you a medal, those works I can not imagine, no to speak of doing it by myself
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    Bad Day... Head work or (Second!) Replacement Engine?

    what are you going to do with the old engine
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    Sandy: 2003 Land Cruiser 100 Series Rebuild & Upgrade Thread

    Good job, I have the same 03 LC as yours. keep going
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    Intro to me and my 100 Series

    Welcome, how was the drive, is it towing well, how heavy is you trailer?
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    LX470 2004 | Need help with Android Screen

    I bought one new model which is 2k screen , I got big trouble to install it
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    Amber Fog Light

    Are you guys sure about the fog light modle, I believe it should be 9006 buld.
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    Replace or Refurbish Door/Window Trim?

    Thank you @TheGrey , it makes much sense to me.
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    Parts Catalog PDF for RHD?

    how much for the car and how much for the shipping and ducuments fee? I usually search similar post and find out parts number from them.
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    Just bought a lc100 from copart, here is my expirence

    Update 2 Valve cover gasket replacement and fender repair. I am trying to fix the fender instead of replace it. Thanks @Bisho , I bought one from Amazon
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    Just bought a lc100 from copart, here is my expirence

    Update 1 Problem found the fender was damaged, like @shtbrwn86 mentioned, that is why it was totalled. second the valve head gasket is leaking third one of the ignition coil seal was lost, the toyota dealer replaced the spark in 2019, it must have been lost by them Where can I find the...
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    TLC 100 OEM Paint Color Popularity Poll (Part 2/2)

    Here is mine
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    Any recommended shops for my 100 series in the Hudson Valley, Catskills or Berkshires?

    I am in Long Island, not far from you. I did my build job on my drive way, in the 30+ temperature....
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    Just got my own LX 470! (2002)

    welcome on board, what a nice color.
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    Just bought a lc100 from copart, here is my expirence

    Hello, guys, I am new here and looking for purchasing a LC100 FOR A long time, during the searching time I post two theme here and got a lot of replys , thank you. here is my last two posts.
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    Can this rusty frame be saved?

    Hey guys, I live in northeast. I just check a 1999 lc100 yesterday. the body is in good shape but the frame is so rusty. The owner asked for $3500, 180k mileag. the used car price now is insane, I know it’s not a good choice. But I don’t have time to go to southern state to purchase one. Can I...
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