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  1. Snailtrail

    What are the most wanted JDM features you guys looking for?

    Correct. Only the JDM petrol (gasoline) FJ80 and FZJ80 had the rear A/C. And only if equipped with the lift-up back door, not the swing-out type. None of the JDM diesel HDJ81 or HZJ81 had rear A/C.
  2. Snailtrail

    OEM accessories

    This is quite interesting. I find it strange that there has been no pictures surface of the OEM GPS, no comment from someone that has it fitted to their vehicle. It appears that it was only available in the Australian market from 9208-9608. Could it be that no one (or very few) chose the option...
  3. Snailtrail

    JDM Rear Fan Control and panel Install

    Try and get the RH rear interior trim panel from the donor vehicle if you can, as those fitted to vehicles with rear A/C incorporate a large air intake 'grille' to supply the rear blower - as seen in these pictures of a NZ spec HDJ80. Also i think theres two different rear overhead control...
  4. Snailtrail

    OEM Subtank Retrofit/Install Project With Pics

    I can help out with a PDF version of the Aug '96~ diagram.
  5. Snailtrail

    toyodiy gone?

    I just checked out a... 1997 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER (HDJ80R-GNPNWQ) GX ARL RHD 1HDFT TD4 ATM 4FC LUB And the diagrams still work for me ;p
  6. Snailtrail

    possible JDM Aux A/C Fan wiring solution?

    NZ new 'GX' and 'VX' spec HDJ80's have dual A/C and are fitted with the condenser fan. Having rear A/C seems to be the ticket...?
  7. Snailtrail

    Coin Holder Switch

    Some markets had factory seat heaters. When fitted the OEM switch was located in the center console, in place of the coin holders. This link shows them as switch position # 12 (code 84751)
  8. Snailtrail

    Cool Pic - HDJ80 In Pieces

    I haven't seen this picture posted up on Mud, so i thought I would share :hillbilly: I'm not 100% sure on what market its from, but I think it's a Euro VX... 1HD-FT with EGR, H151F, 24 volt, 3rd row seats, LHD??? Any ideas??? Would be fun putting it back together. Whats this pile of nuts...
  9. Snailtrail

    TC Fill Plug, TC PTO option & AT Fluid ??'s

    Yes, the 80 had a PTO driven winch in some markets.
  10. Snailtrail

    some newbie Q's regarding HDJ81

    The 'CDS FAN' stands for 'Condenser Fan'. Its an auxiliary fan mounted in front of the Air Conditioning Condenser on the right hand side. In some countries 80's came factory fitted with Rear A/C or Centre Console Fridge/Cooler or both. Im not sure if all the countries that had these options...
  11. Snailtrail

    81 ice box

    I just had a quick look at the EPC. It looks as though those parts are available seperately. Unless im looking at the wrong parts that is. 88522-60010 Door, Cooling Unit 88899-90A01 Case, Ice To suit 9001-9801 81's
  12. Snailtrail

    My New 1999 Venezuelan 80

    :eek: Damn thats nice, i like it... Bad case of 80's envy :crybaby: Its a '99 but it has the -T O Y O T A- badged grille instead of the 'Sombrero' style, has it had a grille swap, or is that how the later model Venezuelan 80's came??
  13. Snailtrail

    HDJ81 Gadget near PS Side: what goes here

    Ive wondered this myself. All the JDM's ive seen have had these clips, but they always been missing whatever was 'meant' to be there. My BJ61 has the same clips fitted. I thought it was maybe for an emergency flare. Someone will know for sure.
  14. Snailtrail

    Is there an "ACTIVE VACATION" 80series package

    Mot, i see what you mean about the sliding rear windows on the HDJ's - i havent noticed that before. The only two 'Active' models that ive seen interior shots of both had diff locks, i wonder if that was part of the package as well.
  15. Snailtrail

    Is there an "ACTIVE VACATION" 80series package

    Heres a late model HDJ81. Im not sure which this version is. They pop up for sale now and then. The Active Vacation 80's ive seen usually have the tailgate mounted ladder as well as interior curtains. You also see the 'camping kits' for sale on their own after they have been removed from the...
  16. Snailtrail

    A few pic's of a '97 HZJ81

    I agree, they dont look as good without the flares, but it did start to grow on me. I think if i got one without i wouldnt go to the trouble of fitting them. BTW, these havent been removed, this is how the low spec models come in various markets. Were any lower spec 80's sold in the states...
  17. Snailtrail

    I Need to know where to cut my factory bumper for the roller fairlead(Edmonton)....

    No worries. I forgot to add this bumper is off a JDM import ( as far as i know Kiwi new cruisers were never available with the winch). Im not sure of the exact year, but im led to believe its off a '90-'94.
  18. Snailtrail

    Turbo Dyno Results

    Thats awesome mate, must be a blast to drive! Is that you in your avatar? its a wicked picture...
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