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  1. buckroseau

    Radiator Barn Experiences

    I've bought about 5 radiators from them for 5 different 40/45's. Everything has always been perfect. I'd buy a radiator from them any day. Matt
  2. buckroseau

    Need help from Brazilian mudder! (possible 4 door 45)

    Email Mike Gozzard and Gozzard composites. I just talked to him 2 days ago on the phone and he said he was working on some 4 door rig. I would email him a link of that fibercar site and mention the banderiette. Gozzard Composites His email is: mike(at) Matt
  3. buckroseau

    FJ 40 Frame

    post #31. Looks like some nice stuff. Hope this helps. Matt
  4. buckroseau

    Stock seat material / upholstery?

    No, I have not. I think I saw some covers he had sewn up, can't remember if it was stock looking material he was using or not? IIRC, I thought it was not, but could be wrong. Maybe he will post up?
  5. buckroseau

    Stock seat material / upholstery?

    Wondering if anyone knows a source for stock seat material for a 79 -83 FJ40? I'm actually looking to sew up new seats for a 84 HJ47 troopy I just imported from OZ, but a FJ40 1979-83 would be the same. I'm not looking for, "this will work well" or "this worked for me". I am looking for...
  6. buckroseau

    Looking tor tilt wheel ideas????

    I used an Ididit on my 77 FJ40. I thought it worked great. I had to do a little figuring when it came to wiring, but nothing to complicated. Pic on my website Hope this helps, Matt
  7. buckroseau

    Builds Mission Impossible......My 74 & 76 Build up by a Top Gun Land Cruiser builder :)

    Hey Aaron, It was good to see you again....been way to long! Had a great time visiting and looking at your rig....looked great!!! Maybe next time I'm down that way I can spend a little more time hanging out. Hopefully you, Poser and Millhouse might make it up my way this summer with...
  8. buckroseau

    Replacement Fenders

    CCOT fenders are junk IMOP. I didn't know you could still get OEM ones from the dealer...ended up wasting a $300 on CCOT's. You can get a set of OEM fenders for about $400 for the pair. PM Cruiserdan on mud, I've boughten 2 sets from him now for the afore mention price. The...
  9. buckroseau

    Builds 1978 BJ40 buildup broadcast...

    More please........:)
  10. buckroseau

    Builds 1978 BJ40 buildup broadcast...

    He was home for x-mas, he was over at my place last week checking out the 45 so we got to talk for quite a while. I didn't give him an ass chewing or anything, but I think he could sense the disapointment in my voice....:flipoff2:
  11. buckroseau

    Builds 1978 BJ40 buildup broadcast...

    More please.......:)
  12. buckroseau

    us source for parabolics???

    I bought a set of Parabolics from TIC about a year and a half ago for my 45 lv. Finished the lv this spring and have about 400 miles on it so far. Poser (Steve) is hooking me up with a good deal on OME's. I should have those next week and hopefully I can get the Parabolic's off...
  13. buckroseau

    Gozzard out of the game?

    You may want to contact Mike directly. I know when I started looking into Gozzard stuff through a dealer for some reason I got a similiar story?? Mike is tough to get a hold of because he is so busy, I would call if I were you. Super nice guy and likes to talk about cruisers...
  14. buckroseau

    Aftermarket steering wheel on 75 to 78 column?

    Not sure to what end I guess? Just got it in my head that I want a stock lpb? I was also was hoping not to try that hard :D Get a new frame, blast and paint. No intentions on tearing down the drivetrain, just blast, epoxy prime and paint. The thing works so good, really...
  15. buckroseau

    Aftermarket steering wheel on 75 to 78 column?

    Shane, No crate motor or auto....unless it's Toyota :D Steve, Maybe someday, but right now going for that stock thing. Not sure why, just want that? I actually the past few days decided against a saginaw coversion. The thing drives so nice I see no reason to do it? Might...
  16. buckroseau

    Aftermarket steering wheel on 75 to 78 column?

    Thanks for the info guys, exactly what I was looking for. Would prefer not to change the wheel, but looking for some length. Just bought a 45 lwb and am kinda tall. Little problem with the door, wheel and my leg when I try to clutch. Thinking an adapter that can ad an inch or so and...
  17. buckroseau

    Aftermarket steering wheel on 75 to 78 column?

    Did a search, but didn't find what I was looking for. Can you or has anyone installed an aftermarket steering wheel on a 75 to 78 FJ40 column. Or to the point, do they make an adaptor for the Toyota column? Thanks, Matt
  18. buckroseau

    Gozzard Web site ???

    Buddy of mine just bought a Gozzard tub, rear doors, and side doors. So no, the side doors are no longer a prototype, they are being produced as of last fall. I think Mike Gozzard is a busy guy and his boat business keeps him busy and his cruiser website suffers. Not trying to make...
  19. buckroseau

    ez-wire question-

    I'm not an expert by any means, but I'm in the middle of wiring up a project right now using the EZ21 harness. I don't believe the compressor wire is hooked to the fuse block. I think it is just floating dead in the harness right now. I hooked that black compressor wire up to one of...
  20. buckroseau

    Builds 1978 BJ40 buildup broadcast...

    I like the plastic dip idea on the tabs you made... very, very good idea ;p Matt
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