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    Land Cruiser Heaven change?

    Mosley may be having some issue with their vendor. My order has been awaiting shipping for close to a month now.
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    DEAL ENDED-Great deals on parts through Toyota (March 2022)

    I ordered seat foam for DS & PS and received it last week.
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    Builds 1995 full resto build

    What's your method for cleaning off the adhesive and fur from the old carpet?
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    South Texas 97 - New to me

    There's a decoder ring? I have a 96 LC and hopefully didn't order the wrong parts from PS. # Number Name Make Qty Qty Supplied Price 1 9020110112 WASHER, PLATE Toyota 14 14 1.72$ 2 9418401000 NUT(FOR FRONT STABILIZER BAR) Toyota 10 10 0.85$ 3 9017910015 NUT Toyota 10 10 0.79$ 4...
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    Crusty PCV

    Wish I saw this a few years back. I ran Seafoam and got p0401 shortly after. Had to remove the intake and clean it out while focusing especially on the small vacuum passageways. I had 4 that were clogged with carbon deposits that Seafoam probably knocked loose.
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    80 Series Frame / Body mounts

    maybe this part: 52204-60061
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    80 Series Exhaust Quick Recap

    Magnaflow cats are fine but if you do MagnaFlow 10416 Exhaust Muffler + Vibrant 1141 2.5" Ultra Quiet Resonator it's pretty loud imo. I personally wouldn't do it again.
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    Heat inside cabine

    maybe the steering column seal?
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    Holy Heck

    I think that fender flare gasket is 53852-60060-A0. I bought some busted up fender flares and cut off useable plastic hangers and JB plastic weld to attach them.
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    Charcoal Canister - Great Option!

    I only used the 1/4 barb and `glued` it in. I forget what I used, either silicone or some JB weld. There's probably a better way to do it.
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    Rosen aircraft sunvisor to replace sagging visor?

    When I emailed Rosen, they told me there was no discount. Also the units I received have different mount. Wonder if I received the correct product number.
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    Fuel neck inner flap doesn't close all the way

    The flap inside the filler neck doesn't close all the way. It's a 96. I'm assuming it should close all the way?
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    installed a oil seperator on my 80

    nvm, its the amazon link -
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    installed a oil seperator on my 80

    which product is this and what's the size of the barbed hose fitting? Thanks
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    1996 LC factory exhaust mounts

    Maybe the clamp comes with the factory y pipe? It was too pricy and I ended up with the magnaflow, so I can't be certain.
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    1996 LC factory exhaust mounts

    Thanks fellas. The clamp number I couldn't find anywhere so I took the part off of an fzj100. clamp: 90461-32031 bolt for the clamp: 91651-B0835 If I would of known it wasn't really a support piece I wouldn't have bothered. Since I have it in hand might as well throw it on. :doh:
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    1996 LC factory exhaust mounts

    Is this part meant for earlier models of the 80? Re checked again and still have no clue where it goes. 😭
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    1996 LC factory exhaust mounts

    I also have a 1996 with missing exhaust mounts. Does anyone have a picture of where 17571-61211 mount goes? I got the part in hand and got under the car but no idea how it ties in
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    seat options

    I think this link is the most comprehensive list that I've saved.
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    1997 FZJ80 exhaust leak -- ouch ($$$$)!

    Thanks for this information. I think I may spring for the OEM 2nd cat. $70 difference.
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