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    Points questions

    Hmm, can't seem to edit. It looks like "A" goes in the small slot at the top of " B". It was stretched out to the point that I thought if fit on the bottom, fatter part of "B". So I think I have that figured out! Actually I think I figured it out (feel dumb now) except the "?" part. Also, I...
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    Points questions

    Oh, and part "C" seems to be a screw to adjust the point gap. That is just a little piece that is just sitting between the points and the breaker plate. Seems like that would be REAL easy to knock loose changing points, and I don't recall that. Want to make sure I'm not missing something to...
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    Points questions

    Forgive me :-( My 'Cruiser hasn't run since 1999. Just now starting to really work on reassembly following a frame off. Took the points out just a few weeks ago to put new ones in, and I can't recall where the clip "A" went??? I don't recall ever removing it for a tune up (was my daily...
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    Wanted 1979+ FJ40 Carburator Insulator/Spacer

    Sweet. Will that fit for sure on 1979? I know they list 1975-1987, but on SOR they show different spacers for diff years and that one looks like the 69 to 74 one. I'd assume they would all fit, as all I need is an actual spacer, I don't need all the stuff that big plate looking thing would do...
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    Wanted 1979+ FJ40 Carburator Insulator/Spacer

    I think I need part 2 in this SOR picture I had a Weber carb, and bought a rebuilt Asin (non USA, 1979-87). My intake manifold is from a 79 FJ40. Does anyone make just a spacer without the big black part? Anyone have the spacer/insulator? Also, does a gasket go between the spacer and...
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    Cruiser Solution's Frame Components

    I bought a rear crossmember, gussets, and leaf spring gussets. Was very happy with the product. This was 8-9 years ago, but I would buy from them again.
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    New Tie Rods: OEM or aftermarket

    Need new tie rod/relay rod (old ones bent, one I cut in half during the removal. I'm sure I had a good reason, but it was years ago I took them off...). Restoration been on hold for several years, so I'm a little "out of the loop". What is best for tie rods? OEM, or are there any aftermarket...
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    POR-15 Metal ready leaves dusty residue

    I know if phosphates the metal, and leaves a phosphate coating to help protect. Everytime I use it it leaves a brown dust on the metal no matter how much I rinse it off (if I rub my finger on the metal I'll get brown dust on my finger). I use compressed air to blow it off and/or tack rags but...
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    Homemade sandblaster

    If you are going to be lying on your back and blasting, you will have a lot of dust to deal with. Get a good respirator and eye protection. If you can get or rent a fresh air system like for painting, that would probably help.
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    I'm a Noob and I want to Prep and Paint my FJ40.. Have Questions!!

    An excellent resource I found are the videos at Kevin Tetz's Paintucation OFFICIAL SITE I have all his DVD's and they are VERY helpful. They also have a discussion board. The main video on how to paint your own car has a lot of really good information. If you have a compressor, you can get...
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    Undercoating: Epoxy Primer or POR-15?

    FOr clean metal, and body work, I would use epoxy primer. I use POR on old things that I've de-rusted (axles, drive shafts etc). The prep is really a pain in the a$$, and if you don't prep it won't adhere. It is also a pain to top coat. Curious about the above post saying can topcoat within...
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    FJ40 Hood Holes

    There are a lot of good vendors. I've been a big fan since I've had my 'Cruiser of Spector Off Road (Specter Off-Road, Inc. Land Cruiser Parts and Accessories). You can get parts cheaper, but they have everything from OEM Toyota to aftermarket. The biggest thing I like is that they have...
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    Laid new paint. Should I clear coat or something now?

    1.) Fixing clear coat is harder (have to reclear the entire panel) 2.) Too late to clear unless you sand/scuff the whole thing. 3.) If you do get a scratch all you have to do is hit it again with your Rustoleum. I'd leave it. Looks good.
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    How to remove rust best??

    If you have the body off, you should be able to use a wire wheel. If you can have someone with a large media blaster do it, that would be the easiest..... I think I mis-read your first post, I thought you were doing a body off (by "remove, treat and paint a frame" I thought you meant remove the...
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    saved this from the crusher...

    All the parts needed to repair a rusted out rear frame can be found here: New Parts : Cruiser Solutions, custom cruisers, restorations, genuine Toyota parts, body tubs, used Land Cruisers for sale I used thier stuff on mine and was very happy. Rear member, cross braces, sping mounts etc...
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    Taurus Fan Ques.

    As pig said, it is the length. The stock waterpump pulley would be in the middle of your fan. So I *THINK* the answer to the OP is that it can't be done with a 2F so ignore all the wiring recommendations.......
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    Like water into wine (cad plating magic)

    73tlc, yours looks great. Any secrets to the zinc coating? I have the Cadwell system and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to polish/shine the zinc? It always seems to come out dull from the zinc and the copy cad winds up looking pretty dull.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    I put my clutch and tranny back on my frame off resto. I hadn't touched my Cruiser in about 6 months so it felt REAL good :-)
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    Taurus Fan Ques.

    I was under the impression that the Taurus fan wouldn't fit with the 2F motor and this was only for V8 conversions (?) Per the OP's original question: anyone have them in a 2F? Pics? I'd like an electric to be able to shut it off for water crossings.....
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    FJ40 Frame Repair?

    Been a while since I fixed my frame, and I think all these parts are more for the rear hanger, but Cruiser Solutions makes parts to replace the whole back of the frame (all my rusted parts were replaceable): about 1/2 way down the page are the frame parts. New Parts : Cruiser Solutions...
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