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  1. J

    Wanted looking for a swb 45 bed

    What's you budget? There's a guy in VT who can build you a very nice one.
  2. J

    Wanted WTB: 1"-1.5" wheel spacers

    Will they clear the 40 hubs? I actually prefer the 1" spacers. I'm trying to correct a backspacing problem more than adding track width.
  3. J

    Wanted WTB: 1"-1.5" wheel spacers

    I need a set (pair or all 4) bolt-on wheel spacers in good condition. I need these to be in the 1"-1.5" range, and to fit on an FJ40 front axle. I will need these shipped to MA. Thanks in advance.
  4. J

    Wanted anyone have an fj40 rear floormat?

    Don't do it. I had one of those pieces of s*** in an early Bronco. It rotted out the rear floor.
  5. J

    Wanted Frame Needed

    There are a couple guys in Vermont and New Hampshire who might be able to help you out. Poor Wally's Land Cruiser Emporium - VT - NH (I think) Cruiser Solutions - NH I realize that's still a long way from Ontario.
  6. J

    Wanted Right Rear FJ40 Spring Hanger

    Well, I already cut the stock one off. I was flexing my rear suspension and noticed the top bracket had started to separate pretty badly from the hanger itself. I cut off the rivets and pulled it only to notice it was full of rot. No big surprise...I figured the PO's booger welds were hiding...
  7. J

    Wanted Right Rear FJ40 Spring Hanger

  8. J

    Wanted Right Rear FJ40 Spring Hanger

    I need a right rear spring hanger (front not shackle end) for an FJ40 in excellent condition. #15 on the SOR rear spring diagram below. Please PM me with a price. Thank you. Specter Off-Road-Land Cruiser Parts - Page 102-Suspension
  9. J

    40 Parts For Sale or Free; MA

    I probably could, but I would like to try and sell the axle whole at first. I need the rotors and calipers for a rear disc swap, but it's stuff that any Autozone carries off the shelf. I'm sorry, I should have clarified that. Shipping to Canada would be awfully expensive for this stuff.
  10. J

    40 Parts For Sale or Free; MA

    I have a few items I need to get rid of: FJ40 third member; 4.11 gears; very good condition; $60. FJ40 rear axle housing; has some sort of trac bar mount; Free. Bucket seat parts; two seats with good bracketry and backs (lower pans rotted); would be good for seat restoration; you'll get...
  11. J

    Diamond plate for 4o tub +

    What's the weight of the rear quarter panels?
  12. J

    FS - doors / seats / bull bar

    Were the seats designed to fit the '73-78 factory bucket style mounting?
  13. J

    Free FJ40 console

    I'm interested in one. I think mine is on its way out.
  14. J

    NEW FJ40 Tie Rod Ends for sale 555

    Put me next in line. I need some badly.
  15. J

    fj40 stuff: 4"lift kit used & more

  16. J

    Pyrotect 2" lap belt NOS

    Nice. If all else fails, I'm game.
  17. J

    fj40 stuff: 4"lift kit used & more

    Are these shackles stock length or extended? Are the shocks designed for a 4" lift? Do you have 4 of each?
  18. J

    Wanted WTB: Radiator Mount/Support for '75 FJ40

    No longer needed. Found one fast. Please delete. Thanks.
  19. J

    Wanted Seat Bases for FJ40 Captain's Chairs

    Understandable. Well, I will take the seat bases when you're ready to sell them. Thanks.
  20. J

    Wanted Seat Bases for FJ40 Captain's Chairs

    I'm interested. I was planning on putting covers on them anyway. You don't by chance have any head rests kicking around as well? Thanks.
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