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    Wanted '67 FJ40 steering box upper mount/bracket

    Ok, I was sprucing up my 67 steering box and lost the u-shaped upper mount. You know, the one that squeezes the steering box to the mount jutting off of the frame. Anybody got one that they could get rid of?
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    SOLD BJ40 rolling chassis

    still for sale?
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    For Sale FJ40 CCOT Poly Fuel Tank

    Still for sale?
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    For Sale Front Bench Seats $275 KC/MO

    PM sent
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    For Sale (Alabama) Early FJ40 Front Seat Frame

    Still for sale?
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    For Sale FJ40 Early (Top wipers style) Windshield Frame (NY)

    If it's still available, I'll take it.
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    For Sale 2010 FJ Cruiser 18.5k

    With a heavy heart I am putting our beloved FJ up for sale. We have a new Tundra coming and I can't keep both. Purchased in late 2010 and always maintained by either Panama City Toyota or World Toyota of Atlanta. This beautiful ride has seen almost all highway miles as we commute between two...
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    parts swap for the e-brake?

    Ok, I have a 65 that I am dumping the F, 3speed and t/c out of and going with a SBC 350, TH400 and a 4speed t/c. All of the old stuff is toast and I got the newer stuff for near nothing. My question is.... can I reuse the parking brake assembly off of the 3speed t/c with my 4speed t/c? I...
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    Wanted 1965 FJ40 Carb

    PM sent
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    For Sale Early 60's FJ40/FJ45 Front Bib that has Factory Marker Lights in Good Shape in NJ

    Still have the bib? What kind of shape are the running lights in?
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    For Sale Fiberglass front clip fj40 nh

    Do you still have the clip?
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    Help with disc power brake conversion

    same problem Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I had a Geo m/c conversion as well and with same problems. I ended up doing a rear disc conversion and this took care of most of the soft pedal problem but I still could get a firmer pedal by clamping off the rears. eventually, I changed out...
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    no go on the Geo Metro

    Yep. Bench bled the M/C. Maybe I need residual valves? Cheap enough to add I guess
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    no go on the Geo Metro

    Well I tried. I have GM calipers front and rear. I thought I would try the Geo Metro booster and M/C but apparently it just doesn't move enough fluid. I like the pedal feel but the pedal just never firms up. I tried every way of bleeding the system (even bought a motive bleeder and then took...
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    Disc front/ Drum rear- Residual valve needed?

    OK.....Just got through doing a disc brake conversion on the front axle(67 FJ40 w/SBC, ball and claw axle, JTO front disc conversion, Geo Metro booster, wilwood proportioning valve). One problem, I have to pump several times to get a firm pedal. I know this has been discussed ad nauseum but I...
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    &%$*drum brakes-update1

    Okay, thanks to all for the previous replies. Where we are now: I adjusted all 8 wheel cylinders again paying special attention to get the slight grabby feel that signals the adjustment is correct. I checked to make sure that the master cylinder is the same bore size as the one it replaced-...
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    %&$# drum brakes!

    Alright, my rig is a 67 40 with the stock single circuit drums at all four corners. My master cylinder had a slow leak (paint peeling on the firewall) but not anything too concerning. Anyway, I had to park the truck for a couple of months and when I got back to it, sure enough, pedal goes all...
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    How tough to replace the upper door frame

    Not too bad Just got through doing full resto on my brothers rig and rebuilt boh doors. The procedure is this. Take the plug out to allow access to the bolt/spring mechanism for the wing window. Take off the chrome block (2 screws) that retain the top part of the wing window. Do NOT lose...
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    My 1976 FJ40 "Kit Car"

    Hello! Welcome to the sickness! Looks like you are shooting for one nice rig when you are done. I like your plan. Be sure and buy a star and shoot us some pics along the way! Cheers:cheers:
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    1977 Complete Restoration (All The Way)

    Keep after it! Amazing work man. Went through one of those "transition" periods myself a while back. I was in the middle of building a kit car and it languished for about two years while I got back on my feet. Stay after it, doing what you love to do is what pulls you through the crap. Cheers
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