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  1. LaOutbackTrail

    Parting Out parting out a 1998 land cruiser

    Howdy, needing some sunroof opening mechanism parts. Please let me know if available.
  2. LaOutbackTrail

    Parting Out 1998 UZJ 100

    Howdy, I'm needing some sunroof opening mechanism parts. Please let me know if they're available.
  3. LaOutbackTrail

    Parting Out 2000 100 Series Eastern NM

    Howdy, Needing some sunroof opening mechanism parts if they're salvageable and available.
  4. LaOutbackTrail

    Parting Out 2002 UZJ100 Galactic Gray Mica with Oak/Tan interior

    Howdy, needing some parts from the sunroof, if available.
  5. LaOutbackTrail

    Parting Out 2002 UZJ100 Galactic Gray Mica with Oak/Tan interior

    Sent PM regarding sunroof roof and other miscellaneous parts
  6. LaOutbackTrail

    5/1600 bug build

    Hey guys! Did you ever finish up this build and race??
  7. LaOutbackTrail

    For Sale 3FE Engine

    I delivered the motors to Flynn last night so this can be considered sold
  8. LaOutbackTrail

    For Sale 3FE Engine

    Preference to sell as whole unit. Flynn says he wants the stuff and lives about 5 minutes from me.
  9. LaOutbackTrail

    For Sale 3FE Engine

    Located in Denton, TX.
  10. LaOutbackTrail

    For Sale 3FE Engine

    As far as I know the block is cracked. Froze on incline with no antifreeze and only one freeze plug popped. Getting water into crank case. Has new injectors, new vac lines, new AISIN water pump, new belts, head gasket, hoses, sensors, distributor cap and wires, newer starter, etc. Sold truck...
  11. LaOutbackTrail

    '03+ ARB Combination Bar on a '98-'02 LX470

    Installed this bumper on my LX470. Cut the tabs off and followed ARB's instructions for an easy install. I took extra time and ground down the tabs, bondo'd and painted with satin black.
  12. LaOutbackTrail

    For Sale OME Nitro Sport Shock (OME6000) for 2.5'' lift

    Sent you a private message.
  13. LaOutbackTrail

    For Sale LX470 Slee Diff Drop - AZ

    Did you ever sell this?
  14. LaOutbackTrail

    Front diff bushing replacement?

    Replaced the busing last night. Took air chisel to the old metal bushing housing to get it out. I then cleaned the mount from the diff cover with wire brush and got the interior shiny again. I pressed the new bushing in with grease and just the bolt and plate holding the bushing in. But cant...
  15. LaOutbackTrail

    Front diff bushing replacement?

    Gentlemen, I'm needing to replace the front diff bushing. I've ordered the cushion mentioned earlier, but do I need? two? I haven't checked the rear mounts' bushings since reading this thread. The oil is from my valve cover bolts being less than finger tight....
  16. LaOutbackTrail

    Door locks gone awry!

    We were getting into the new to us 2000 LX470 today and found an inconvenient and annoying problem, the door locks were not operating. Key fob did not unlock doors so I unlocked the front passenger door and pressed the door button. Nothing. Tried driver's door lock button nothing. I can hear a...
  17. LaOutbackTrail

    AHC Fluid Change How To -- Need Input

    Yes, yes, yes. Sensor lift..... Reading the many threads on the subject, I was reading where one fella suggested having more AHC juice on hand to do the sensor lift. Gave me the impression that at the new "neutral" height you would need more juice to get to the new "high" setting. I already...
  18. LaOutbackTrail

    AHC Fluid Change How To -- Need Input

    Gentlemen, how much AHC fluid do I need to change the fluid AND raise the truck 2"?
  19. LaOutbackTrail

    For Sale 2000 LX470 Excellent Condition 105k Dallas, Texas

    I've got my eyes on it but not quite ready!
  20. LaOutbackTrail

    Parting Out FJ62 Parts from three 3FE engines. DFW

    Guys. I'm probably going to call off this project and sell the rig and all parts together. Just got a promotion at which will take more of my already precious time. I have my eyes set on a 100series. Will post the truck tomorrow probably.
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