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    8x Series V8 Swaps

    Looked on your site and didn’t see this. Did you ever end up making this bracket? If not, do you happen to remember the general measurements to help my get started on making my own?
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    SOLD 97 1fz-fe and transmission.

    I’m getting ready to pull my motor and transmission. Motor is 1fz-fe out of 97 landcruiser. Transmission is out of the same vehicle. Currently have around 245k miles. Compression front to back is 170,165, 170, 175, 165, 170. Runs and drives great. Asking $1500 OBO. Located in Boise, ID. If...
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    BoiseCruiserHeads first meetup

    Thanks, I just tried and got an auto response saying that either the group doesn’t exist or I don’t have permission to post.
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    BoiseCruiserHeads first meetup

    Are there still meet ups happening, if so, can I get added to the email?
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