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    Headers for a 1999 Land Cruiser - Anyone Found a Source?

    I have seen several posts on headers for a 1999 Land Cruiser, but I have not seen a good source or vendor identified. I need to replace my stock manifolds and I would like to install a set of headers. Has anyone found a source for headers that are made for a 1999 Land Cruiser? I am looking...
  2. J


    Check the emergency brake shoes and arm I had a similar problem and the emergency brake arm was frozen. I would be on the highway and the entire truck would start to shake. I would not feel it in the steering wheel. The emergency brake shoe on the driver's side was dragging a little and...
  3. J

    TRD Exhaust

    You are correct. Thee TRD exhaust is discontinued, but some dealers have them in stock. I have located one. It is a cat. back install system. I am just wondering if it is worth the $450 price tag.
  4. J

    TRD Exhaust

    I am thinking about installing the TRD exhaust system on my 1999 Land Cruiser. Has anyone installed this exhaust system and if so did they like the performance? Please let me know. Thanks!
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