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    Which 80 has solid axle

    I wanna be clear on this. What years have the solid front axle, and the better, more powerfull engine than the earlier models?:beer:
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    Payson Wheelin?

    No, it's a dirt side trail with some up and down stuff, but basically a easy ride. Probly do the entire thing in 20 minutes or less. But you can do some of the main trail and exit when needed. I have done the whole trail, and the no turning back point is when you do the 4 foot ledge. After that...
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    Prerun Report

    Yo yota dudes, cool to see this being planned. I have posted a simular run for 8/12 and might try to make the 7/29 run as well. Definetly post up some small details of the directions, I have been there, but I want to post a few mile marks and stuff for the peeps I have invited.
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    wheeling after Christmas?

    Hi everyone my name is Terence and I know a member here called Spike. I was the guy that called and spoke with Kevin and also Cody in the morning to say I was comming. I came south on the 17 and took the Table Mesa exit and went right. I could hear everyone on the cb, but couldn't get anyone to...
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