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  1. jmizsurf

    Wanted FJ60 or FJ62 Los Angeles

    Hi, I just sold my 40. Looking to get something a little less spartan. So, with a little cash in my pocket, I am interested in an FJ60 or FJ62. I want it as close to stock as possible- More for daily driving than for off-roading. I would not mind if it has had an engine swap for something a...
  2. jmizsurf

    Anyone out there regret using Raptor bed liner?

    The only problem I experienced was that the liner would leak through the top of the piece which connects the bottle of the liner to the U-POL included gun if you use it at any angle other than perfectly flat. I would recommend the product, but maybe use a different gun to spray it.
  3. jmizsurf

    For Sale 1989 fj62 $4,200 obo

  4. jmizsurf

    For Sale 1988 FJ62 for Sale

    Cracking in the dash at all?
  5. jmizsurf

    Hardtop Visor?

    I have also been looking with no success. I think I will just fab something out of rubber. The shape seems simple enough. Might have to layer it though to make sure its a good seal.
  6. jmizsurf

    Hardtop Visor?

    Can I drive it? I'm picking the car up from the painter tomorrow and I haven't finished the visor piece because I haven't had the car for reference and I haven't found adequate reference. I assume it will be fine, but I'm just checking to see if anyone more experienced than myself would know...
  7. jmizsurf

    Hardtop Visor?

    Thanks for your help. Just wondering if you put the screws through the factory rivet holes in the top or drill new ones?
  8. jmizsurf

    Hardtop Visor?

    Hey everyone, When I pulled my hardtop off for the summer, I found that the piece SOR calls the "hardtop visor" was not attached to the car with any hardware. Regrettably, the rivets connecting it to the top and the bolts connecting it to the windshield had been replaced with silicone that had...
  9. jmizsurf

    For Sale 2nd gen nissan patrol

    Price? Year?
  10. jmizsurf

    Wanted 1F 3 speed clutch Kit

    Yeah, I would be willing to trade either of the two sets of wheels that I have for mine. I have both the originals with fairly new off-road tires and a set that the PO put on from a 2004 Tacoma with pretty decent tread left on the tires. Depending on who made the clutch kit, I would probably...
  11. jmizsurf

    Wanted 1F 3 speed clutch Kit

    Hey, I am looking to buy a new clutch for my '67 FJ40. The engine is a 1F from 1971, but the tranny is original from 1967. Let me know if you want to make a deal. I'm located in Los Angeles.
  12. jmizsurf

    For Sale FOR SALE 1988 FJ62 red

    PM sent.
  13. jmizsurf

    For Sale 1988 fj62 $1500

    PM sent. :cheers:
  14. jmizsurf

    long troop seats?

    Does anybody know if there is a roll bar compatible with the long jump seats?
  15. jmizsurf

    Help stop the rust.

    Hey H8-ers, As you can tell by my "forum regular" status, I am indeed a total rook:whoops:. That being said, I would love a little help from the non-rooks. I bought my '67 a few weeks ago- fully armed with the knowledge that there is almost no such thing as a "rust-free cruiser" for what I...
  16. jmizsurf

    Unidentified Brackets

    What's up H8-ers? I bought my '67 fj40 about two weeks ago, and when the PO handed me the keys, he also handed me a box of "Spare Parts." Most of the stuff in the box is stuff that he replaced, like the old hood hooks and whatnot. Anyway, along with those things, there are these two brackets...
  17. jmizsurf

    Puzzle Wrapped up in an Enigma!

    The "yep, it's wood" post is classic.
  18. jmizsurf

    Vintage fj40 pictures

    So cool. Thanks for that link.
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