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    Child seats and drawers

    I have the 3rd row seats and seat belts removed. So I used the seat belt bolts to attach just the tether loops from the 73709-12010 anchor assembly to the seat belt captive nuts in the rear pillars. There is no need for the top anchors to be on the floor. Many cars have them at or above the...
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    Bolt identification - I know it is a long shot :(

    The transmission cooler is held on with bolts that look like that.
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    Speedo correction

    Based on your 33/32 odometer ratio for indicated/actual, swapping to a 33403-69245 speedometer driven gear should get you very close. Speedometer driven gears: 33403-69225 31-tooth 31:12 for bigger tires, makes a good correction for 33" with stock gears 33403-69235 32-tooth 32:12 stock for...
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    Where to buy bolts for 80 series Land Cruiser front recovery points for ARB bumper

    The tow loop bolt part number is 90119-12077. You could find them online, or order them at your local Toyota dealer. Or you could use M12X1.25 grade 10.9 bolts from the hardware store.
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    RTH - Dobinsons Spring Installation

    The longer spring always goes on the longer side of the axle. The difference in springs is because the spring perch on the longer side is slightly lower. It has nothing to do with where the driver sits.
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    Modify Badlands Fairlead?

    The bumper is built for the offset fairlead of a "feet forward" winch like an M12000. Any "feet down" winch like an M8000, Badlands, etc. will come with a fairlead that needs new holes drilled. This procedure is mentioned in the installation instructions...
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    How's the market for LX/FZJ80 used parts stuff?

    You could try posting your parts list in the forums for any nearby clubs under the "Clubhouses" section.
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    Leaving for CA in the morning.. AC compressor just locked

    Make sure that the tab of the connector is pushed all the way in to unlock it. Then wiggle the harness-side connector while gently pulling.
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    Grommet Identification

    Is the grommet directly above the mud flap? And maybe you don't have a sun roof? That looks like the grommet for the rear sunroof drain tube, except that it doesn't have the hole for the tube. The grommet for the sun roof drain is 90480-26013. But it has a 17mm hole in the middle.
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    Front diff fluid question

    The locked front axle that I swapped in had less than a quart of thick moly goop in the differential. I just filled it with cheap gear oil, drove a few weeks, then changed it. Repeat until what drains out has the viscosity of oil instead of goop. The differential has been fine for several...
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    What are you using to work in your lifted engine bay?

    I use a step from Harbor Freight that's the same size. It fits over a 285 at one notch less than the maximum depth adjustment. It should fit on a 315 at the deepest setting. I like it better than ladders, milk crates, etc. because its attached to the truck and doesn't slide away.
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    Mystery wiring harness clamp

    I have the same bracket along the head. But no trace of a clamp on either the harness or bracket. Maybe a clamp was never used at that location? Based on the look of the bracket, and the harness being about 20mm, it's possible that a 82711-2A530 or 82711-2A620 clamp might work.
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    Low oil pressure (pic)

    The missing cover is part number 90950-01803
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    Land Tank Caster correction plates for 2.5 inch lift.

    Could you post your hub center to flare edge measurement?
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    Problem with blower/fan intermitenly working

    Have you confirmed whether the problem in the power supplied to the fan, or the mechanical fan itself? You can take the cover off the fan so the power plug is easy to get to. Then drive around normally until you are in the condition where it isn't blowing when it should be. Leave the truck...
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    95 LC vs. LX450 Sway Bar Differences.

    My frame is the older style with mounts bolted to the side. It has holes in the bottom where the newer style mounts would bolt, but there are no captive nuts installed there.
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    Proper Starter Dust Protector Part Number?

    Toyota part number 28199-46080 is also the same thing
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    Quieter AC operation

    You might want to check the idler pulley. When my idler bearing started going bad, the vibration was only really noticeable with the compressor on. Take the belt off and spin to idler pulley by hand to see if it is tight and smooth. You easily find a generic bearing and replace it in the...
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    Sunroof rust issue. Thoughts on how to repair?

    You can improve the sealing of a worn dust seal by sliding some thin material under it to shim it out. There have been threads about doing this with strips of bicycle inner tube, and also with speaker wire. But your rusty frame might not be straight and solid enough for that to help.
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    DIY Fail -- OME 861/862 Springs installed on wrong side

    You mentioned turning a spring in the perch to get more height. That would leave the spring in an unstable position, and it will eventually turn in to the stop anyway. Measure from hub center to flare edge to compare corner heights. That reduces variables like ground level and tire pressure...
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