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    91+ 70 series WMS

    Trouble finding axle specs for the later model (specifically 1991 HZJ77) front axle width. RCV only offers shafts for 84-90. I'm also reading conflicting information about them sharing parts with the 80. Yet a 70 series uses hilux size birfields.
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    SOLD TX: 2L/3L turbo kit

    Came off my 2LT2. I cannot comment on the condition of turbo as I took it all off to run a different turbo and setup. The engine is in good condition as it was supose to be <60k miles. Cleaning garage and has been sitting on shelf for a few years. What you see is what you get. $500 OBO...
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    For Sale TX: TG high steer kit

    Brand new, what you see is what you get. Located in Georgetown, TX. Prefer local-ish pickup. $500 OBO
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    Wanted TX: Early 2LT oil filter/cooler

    I dont. It's the vertical filter housing off a 2LT. Would also take a 2l housing
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    Wanted TX: Early 2LT oil filter/cooler

    Looking for another 2LT oil cooler. Shoot me a PM if you have one, thanks.
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    Wanted TX: Broken LC100/LX470 diff

    Where are these broke diffs I keep reading about?
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    Wanted TX: V6 inchworm transfercase adapter

    Want to buy the adapter for a R150(V6) to R1FA(4cyl/22re) transfercase. Inchworm allows for 10° clocking. Thanks
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    Wanted TX: Broken LC100/LX470 diff

    Still looking. Prefer cheap so busted gears is fine with me.
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    Wanted TX: Broken LC100/LX470 diff

    I just need the housing more than anything. The suspension parts and gears dont do me much good. Thanks for looking out though
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    Wanted TX: Broken LC100/LX470 diff

    What stock parts do you have? Thanks
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    Front diff deminsions

    Much appreciated!
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    Wanted TX: Broken LC100/LX470 diff

    Looking for a front diff. Dont care about the condition of the R&P, carrier, or diff cover. Just want to use one for mock up to see if itll work in a different application. Pic for reference
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    Parting Out KS - 1998 100series part out - UPDATED - interior gray white exterior

    Have a front diff? Dont care about condition/gears.
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    Front diff deminsions

    Anyone have a diff they could take the following measurements for? Thanks! If I can make it work, and you have a blown up one, feel free to send me a PM as well.
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    Parting Out 03 hzj79 mine truck parts,Winnipeg

    How much for the FF hubs shipped to Texas?
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    Power Steering Rack/Box Leak Suggestions (91 Surf LN130)

    @Jemjem787 @jgranthevagrant Do y'all still have a RHD steering box? I dont care about the condition. would PM, but hoping to grab a few more eyes.
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