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  1. Pygmalion

    My pig is for sale 1974 FJ55 with a 283

    Well, it's been a while and life has led me to some mysterious areas the past few months, but needless to say I haven't had time to put into my pig since April (the last time I posted here). I now am moving out of state, and can't take the pig with me, so up on the block it goes. You can...
  2. Pygmalion

    Brake repair questions

    ...and my64fj40 helps me save a little face. :D Thanks dude. I actually went out and checked out my pig's brakes after I read that, and my cylinders are chained. It's a '74. Like you said, must be a year thing.
  3. Pygmalion

    Almost done..

    :flipoff2: ^ That little dude is like the site's mascot, so don't take it personal... that's why he's smiling! :D :flipoff2:
  4. Pygmalion

    Brake repair questions

    Doh! I was under the impression the cylinders were bled independently, but they're chained. Newb mistake. I humbly stand corrected.
  5. Pygmalion

    Almost done..

    Now I can see it. :D Lookin good man!
  6. Pygmalion

    Almost done..

    Hrm... all I get is a broken image indicator.
  7. Pygmalion

    Brake repair questions

    Air bubbles in your brake lines tend to travel upward, back toward the master cylinder, so you wouldn't immediately see the bubbles. You'll need to bleed them a lot, not just a quick check to see if there's fluid there. Here's an excerpt on how to bleed the brakes from the Toyota FSM: Do...
  8. Pygmalion

    55 and 40 River crossing Vid. Pakistan

    55's were only standard with tailgates in the U.S., if I remember my Toyota history. The rest of the world got the amby doors. I guess 'gated 55's are in high demand overseas, too. When I bought my 55, the PO said he had some guy from Germany, who was visiting the states, come up and knock on...
  9. Pygmalion

    Brake repair questions

    We need pix. :D Honestly, being able to 'see' what you're doing will make it so much easier to diagnose than trying to guess. For now, though, my guess is the rear drums still need the shoes adjusted. Your brake pedal is going all the way to the floor because the cylinders are using up all...
  10. Pygmalion

    Death Wobble After Adding 4 Degree Shims

    Your passenger side shackle bolts look a bit loose. You can still see the shape of the lock washers which aren't flattened out. Also, the right-side plate of the driver's side shackle has a weird angle to it, unless that's just the perspective from the photo. Now, are 4 degree caster shims...
  11. Pygmalion

    FJ40 muffler

    Uh... I don't think you can call BS on somebody's opinion, only when they're trying to pass it off as a fact. Well, unless you're saying that he actually does like the sound of flowmasters, but is lying about it. :D I agree that quiet is key. Our rigs are damn noisy as it is, and anything...
  12. Pygmalion

    Who has the oldest/earliest FJ40? (FAQ)

    Cruiser_Nerd, I think you posted to the wrong thread, because your link opens up this thread in a new window. :D
  13. Pygmalion

    Brake repair questions

    Could you post a photo of your rear brake innards, so that we can get an idea of what's going on? It definitely sounds like something's not right. Your adjuster should stay right next to the cylinder, and it should lengthen (or shorten) the rod as you rotate it. I'd think that adjusting one...
  14. Pygmalion

    55 parts for sale

    Actually, Henry James the 47th... ;) Thanks for the post.
  15. Pygmalion

    55 and 40 River crossing Vid. Pakistan

    Dang... you'd think that 55 was coal powered. :D Great video. Thanks for posting.
  16. Pygmalion

    best top and SOR tops are FUGLY, where can you get more paki style?

    Actually, what I find worse is when somebody asks a question, and all you get are several (rude) replies that the OP should've done a search. THAT'S what gets annoying, not the fact that the same questions keep being asked. It's probably harder to type out a rude reply than it is to post a...
  17. Pygmalion

    another do i buy it thread

    Remember kids... Don't drink and type! :D
  18. Pygmalion

    Steering ratio

    Dang... tiny steering wheel there. Is that so you can drive while wearing handcuffs? :D
  19. Pygmalion

    Ford Tauras fans

    I got my Taurus fan off of a 1995 Taurus. It comes off the larger engine, 3.8L I think . It's not the one on the 3.0L engine. I got lucky and found one hanging by the harness off the front bumper, as somebody wanted the radiator and left the fan. I didn't even have to pull it, just unplug it...
  20. Pygmalion

    Brake repair questions

    By 'play between the drum and shoe' do you mean the backing plate and the shoe? Or do you really mean the 'drum' and the shoes? If there were no play between the drum and shoes, then your brakes would be permanently locked up. You have to turn the adjusting nut until the brake shoes start to...
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