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  1. cliffrdavis

    High End TrollHole Design Soft Top with Magnets

    Marshall, Are you still making these strap free soft tops? I've been following your threads for the FST that you make but no mention of the magnetic option. I am very interested in one and may order the Metal Tech family cage at the same time from you.
  2. cliffrdavis

    Factory FJ40 Soft Tops, Bikini Tops, and Dusters.

    Marshall, Do you have any pics of the Metal Tech family cage bikini? I'm trying to decide between that and the OEM type bikini/bimini. Thanks, CD
  3. cliffrdavis

    New F & 2F carbs

    New carb installed! Trollhole, got the carb installed. Running a little rough but I'll hold off on carb questions until I get all this stuff below fixed. First... since there is only one vacuum port, I assume it goes to the inside dizzy advance. Live in Florida so I'm not worried about...
  4. cliffrdavis

    New F & 2F carbs

    New Carb Damn, this is fortunate and unfortunate timing! I have a couple weeks off and was planning on completing a couple LC projects. I ordered a Weber 38 yesterday from MAF. Your product sounds easier to install and just as good, and will hopefully serve to remove some of the 50 vacuum...
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