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  1. Drunk Monkey


    happy birthday dude.
  2. Drunk Monkey

    Sliders for the FJ40, Can't decide: mount to frame or sheet metal

    OK, my favorite way of doing it is to cut the lower 2 or so inches off the side of the body then do both. I like to use 2x4 tubing or 2X6 put it against the bottom of the body and Tack it to the frame. Then take Flat put it flat against the body and tack it. remove entire assy from the truck and...
  3. Drunk Monkey

    Off Road towing or rescue

    Ok, most threads I tend to read over and try to help w/ my two cents. The only thing I have here is not to go out by yourself, however being new to the desert thing i have found my cell works only where there are people that can help. Meaning that around civilization. Even at my house near rio...
  4. Drunk Monkey

    Wanted-86-94 4x4 mini truck steering box parts.....

    99% sure I have a good extra box........ have to check for sure. let me know if you don't find one.
  5. Drunk Monkey

    Events/Trails Official PHX Monthly Cruiser Cruise thread: Check here for details

    Are y'all going to meet tonight?????9-17-10??????
  6. Drunk Monkey

    Starting my project

    Here's a pic of my mini, wife still wants a 40 but it will be a while....
  7. Drunk Monkey

    Starting my project

    Remodeling the dinning room this weekend but should be close to done Monday. if you need some help let me know...
  8. Drunk Monkey

    Starting my project

    No Cruiser, sold it a while back to my good friend in Dallas. This information is good, May call you next week to see what is going on.. This weekend inlaws are in and the month of Oct is already full with trips to texas, mexico and hopefully some cirle track racing.. Depends on how it all...
  9. Drunk Monkey

    Starting my project

    I am semi unpacked and looking to start on the Mini truck, I do need some parts so I thought I would give a shout out to see if anybody had any they wanted to sell. The truck is an 89 super cab long bed. I will be needing some fiberglass front fenders, LS1 shorty headers, aluminum radiator...
  10. Drunk Monkey

    closing shop and moving to Pheonix area

    We are here and are suppose to close today on the house. Our trip was really uneventful 1000 miles and no hange ups, no blown tires no break downs or any thing. My truck smells like a dog house but other than that nothing major. The moving gods were on my side I guess. We have no computer so...
  11. Drunk Monkey

    Coyote(s) attacked last night

    Here in Texas we got paid to killem. 2 whole buck a set of ears. Seems cheep right but if you do the call and a red spot light you can get 25 or so a night using 22 cal. head shots. That was a long time ago now it is hogs that we are having issues with. farmers pay good to get rid of them...
  12. Drunk Monkey

    Sad news

    second that, remember the good times not the bad I know its hard but hang in there. he's in a better place.....
  13. Drunk Monkey

    closing shop and moving to Pheonix area

    found house and a rental making offer today will be up soon. sorry about the typing, always hurried like this morning..... will have more time in about 6 months after we are settled.... oh ya, house has no shop....or pool but is cool..... build what i want now......
  14. Drunk Monkey

    closing shop and moving to Pheonix area

    looking at rent houses today but have a couple narrowed down then it is houses..... pimpin in my rental honda i have named fonda........full 4cyl...20 hp....I know my quad is faster.........can you say temp rally car........
  15. Drunk Monkey

    closing shop and moving to Pheonix area

    its all good here, low humidity, try over 100 for a month with 70 to 80 percent humidity.... that is hot and muggy. It was 81 and i was drenched in sweat last week after dark in austin. Your heat is a lot more comfortable then ours if you ask me.... just my opinion. Has been raining more than...
  16. Drunk Monkey

    closing shop and moving to Pheonix area

    will be there tonight around 8:00pm set up can and find a rent home, then look at houses.. all weekend.... do not know where we are staying yet but wife says its cool....
  17. Drunk Monkey

    Saddly moving away

    hey, didn't know they had shiner.. I was going to use it for bribes. still need to unload stuff to the new house, if we get one.
  18. Drunk Monkey

    Saddly moving away

    thanks for all the good wishes. yes shop is going to live just don't know where. Kris, this just means you will have to spend some time in AZ. House here sold in 6 days............... I have been moving into pods, cheapest I have found and can still have time to pack up the shop.... We are...
  19. Drunk Monkey


    Praying for ya girl, hang tough.
  20. Drunk Monkey

    Saddly moving away

    My LSLC family, It saddens me to tell you some news I received 3 weeks ago. My wife's work asked us to move to the Phoenix Arizona area this summer. So we took a week and cleaned the house and visited AZ to see if we could live there. We came home and put our house on the market. I expected...
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