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  1. kyoso23

    Intermittent rattling from the glovebox area of LX

    This was an issue on mine, even when snapped in place.
  2. kyoso23

    Cabin Filter Change and the Recirculation Flap Issues FIXED

    Agreed, not a Denso issue. The motor was fine. It’s from untrained Techs jumping in and forcing the door open. In my case the actuator being disconnected the way it was forced the motor to turn beyond binding up and eventually chewed the teeth out of the drive gear.
  3. kyoso23

    Cabin Filter Change and the Recirculation Flap Issues FIXED

    Excellent write up, thank you! My linkage wasn’t broken, but it was popped out. After putting it back together it still wouldn’t cycle properly like it was binding somewhere. I decided to pull the actuator motor and sure enough there was a stripped gear inside. Inhad to remove the NAVI...
  4. kyoso23

    200 Series Tire and Wheel Size Database

    Forgive me if you answered this earlier, do you have a lift installed?
  5. kyoso23

    New CSC Member Kyoso23

    Thanks everyone, great group of people that I’ve met so far. Nice to be part of a club that has it together. I’ve had several Toyota 4x4s over the years, but after owning our 100 for the last ~13 years there’s no going back. It’s gotten us everywhere we’ve pointed it to and keeps on going...
  6. kyoso23

    Changing the spark plugs

    Great write-up. Moving the electrical box and removing the plug from the firewall made this a piece of cake.
  7. kyoso23

    Big Fat Tires - 305/65/18s

    Did you put these on yet? Any inttereference w/the KDSS cylinder?
  8. kyoso23

    Any good Black Friday 200 scores?

    That Icon wheel promo on Metal Tech 4x4 is killer. $866 shipped for 5 wheels...
  9. kyoso23

    For Sale AZ - driver's side headlight and passenger side blinker assy from 1998 100 series

    There is what appears to be an abnormal amount of sealant/gasket material around the seams of the lens, might not have even been opened but the sealant is not factory. The inside of the light appears to be just fine though. I'm not sure what that tab is for (it looks like a hook), but it...
  10. kyoso23

    For Sale AZ - curved rear glass for 40 series?

    I still have these left over from a project I was working on, but I am truly unsure what year these pieces would apply to. I have (x2) of the larger size and (x1) of the smaller one. There seems to be some sort of overspray or frosting of some sort on them but there are no chips or cracks...
  11. kyoso23

    For Sale AZ - driver's side headlight and passenger side blinker assy from 1998 100 series

    HEADLIGHT - SOLD Passenger side marker/blinker assy in good shape I can ship either within the US...make me an offer!
  12. kyoso23

    throttle cutting out under heavy load

    I replaced the TPS again, no dice.
  13. kyoso23

    throttle cutting out under heavy load

    Thank you for all of the suggestions guys, I replaced the TPS a few years back for another issue but I think I might give that a try again. It's the only thing that makes sense. Fuel level, etc...has never made a difference and I have yet to get a CEL. It started to only cut out above 4k RPM...
  14. kyoso23

    throttle cutting out under heavy load

    Here's what happens: First of all, I get ZERO CEL or any other symptoms. The truck runs great. However, especially when towing up steep grades, the throttle will immediately cut out. I can even feel it in the pedal. If I release the pedal and put it back down it's good to go again. It's...
  15. kyoso23

    For Sale FZJ80 OEM locked axles North Texas

    I'd love to find a way to use these on my 40...bump for cool parts.
  16. kyoso23

    Swapping wheels: Center-cap fitment issue - Shorter Grease Cap?

    ummm...those BBS 20" are sexy.
  17. kyoso23

    Does this mean theres a way to remove that "tint" on 98-03 Hundys?

    It's some type of coating. The dealer mine came from had their pricing sheet taped to the back window. When the idiot tried to remove the tape, he scrubbed it with a green pad and it scraped the tint off of where he was scrubbing.
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