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  1. hj 60

    Is this worth buying or pass?

    scams have been mentioned, somehow 2000 in seems to get 12000 out, beware. search the company and seller name, some have a habit of coming back every time. Selling pictures and delivering other stuff, I would never pay without test drive. Now I don't know if I would recognize a scam, it all...
  2. hj 60

    Leak on front axle / brakes

    Diesel is more about the engine, the birfs are also mentioned in the 60 forum; Front Birfield/bearings: How long do I have? I think 40 and 60 is the same setup but maybe the 40 forum is more accurate for you?
  3. hj 60

    Voltage Regulator (ext.) / How it works

    Aloha Jen , sorry no, repaired my old one and adjusted it a bit to get to 30 volts. I think if mine would fail I would replace with original, works 30 years. If I look what is for sale not many seem to be better (or digital) 24 volt voltage regulator | eBay The best way seems to use a battery...
  4. hj 60

    H55f detent ball and spring needed ...

    GEAR SHIFT FORK & LEVER SHAFT (MTM) | LAND CRUISER BJ60,HJ6#,FJ6# HJ60LG-MW | Toyota | Genuine Parts Catalogs | PartSouq Auto Parts Around the World
  5. hj 60

    H55f detent ball and spring needed ...

    Toyota dealer or internet store like partsouq SHIFT LEVER & RETAINER | LAND CRUISER BJ60,HJ6#,FJ6# HJ60LG-MW | Toyota | Genuine Parts Catalogs | PartSouq Auto Parts Around the World use your vin <<<or mine
  6. hj 60

    How Cheap Can I Do It

    Nice thing, where is the damage? I would buy that right away and other fools to I think. Find people that will give you parts that they replace for maintenance, a worn 18mm brake disk is better than nothing, might go pretty far with old parts just do not pay for them. Is the roof original...
  7. hj 60

    Any way to loosen hoses ?

    I did not understand the spreading tool, feel stupid so thanks for explaining :bucktooth: When I had to remove new radiator hoses after 5000 km I was surprised they were stuck like 30 years old. Also the clamps toyota used are sometimes not closing as they did before, maybe make sure not to open...
  8. hj 60

    Anyone made an FJ40 AWD?

    h55 is build to tow 5000 kg so it is strong, but 500hp might be to much for it as turbo has 130 hp, mine has lockers so impossible to drive 4x4 on asphalt, any turn eats the tires. Our neighbor has a hiace awd, seems pretty strong as it is a workhorse van type, maybe see what drivetrain that is...
  9. hj 60

    Original 4 door HJ47 Troopy Find?

    Church and aid have plenty of money to spend, I was always stunned that priest used big station wagons 4x4 with ALL the options. As a kid I had the accessory price-list, I knew what the do gooders were driving, my dad would laugh when I showed him another must have list, a shovel and axe was...
  10. hj 60

    Builds FJ40 in a barn

    I repaired my old rad and kept flushing it but it did not help much, then it broke again at a seam and I installed a new one. So if you have a new one I would use it and throw the old one away if that was repaired with gunk. I never use water and the drain was chrystal clear but the rad when...
  11. hj 60

    To Restore or Not?

    It looks very nice, I never take more then 2 wheels off because I am afraid for the "parked on blocks for years" trap. Now I have driven 100k kilometers and we did many vacations, plenty of time to do a body off restoration now. A lot of the base line work is done in between trips, maybe 3 weeks...
  12. hj 60

    Rear C Clip Question '73 FJ40

    :smokin: I have been searching for the other C-clip :hillbilly: ARB only lists one, but maybe there are others (DANA axles?) but I don't know. ARB RD153 Toyota 8.9",C-clip,50mm BRNG 30 All RD08,RD124 Anyway here is a pic of washers (my hj came with 1.75mm) and when installing a lokka...
  13. hj 60

    Rear C Clip Question '73 FJ40

    If you grind it the clip will fall and the wheel with axle can shift outwards. When the clip is fitted there is some room to pull the axle back so you are missing more room than only the space to fit the clip. Did you adjust the differential and is the small gear preventing further slide in...
  14. hj 60

    Builds My 40 build

    Shipping is about 1500 dollars and registration EU problems so I dont know if that is worth it, maybe better to sell everything and check what is for sale in europe: LANDCRUISERS FOR SALE IN EUROPE: ... UNREPAIRED
  15. hj 60

    Can anyone identify these wheels?

    Maybe the car belonged to Elvis?
  16. hj 60

    making an offer

    You don't seem to be the best options guru :p just park a van across the street and sleep in it until you see the owner :rimshot: Hire a drone and circle around until you see the owner :meh: Call a swat team and tell them the owner owns a meth lab? (maybe I am biassed by breaking bad?) Get...
  17. hj 60

    Cheaper Snorkel Options

    I had one for a hj60 shipped for about 130 dollar and the bolts rust instantly so replace them, also the paper with the holes was missing one important hole and drilling in the fender is a bit confusing at first :poop: But the quality is good enough, separates water in huge rain showers and it...
  18. hj 60

    Voltage Regulator (ext.) / How it works

    First test result: :cheers: :rimshot: charging system alternator FSM engine TEST CH-22 N = W/L (Light Blue) to N alternator E = W/B Ground replaced wire and passed all kitchen table test (I think?) 0 ohm = 0.06 200 ohm = 199 0 ohm = 0.07 199 ohm = 196.5 infinity at rest 199 ohm =...
  19. hj 60

    Voltage Regulator (ext.) / How it works

    Thanks a lot Rudi :cheers: The wires have a plastic heat shrinked cover from factory. I will work with this later but we have removed the burned connector contact to solder new wire (searching correct color in old stuff) We did some continuity tests (not yet with FSM) and as it was charging...
  20. hj 60

    Voltage Regulator (ext.) / How it works

    Great info, thanks, just found a nice problem in my 1985 HJ60. search answer: 1-what is burned wire? Thanks Rudi, it is ground (why/how does ground gets burned...) 2-what is type #? 6 wires: BURNED white/black -- yellow/white -- white .............white/red -- white/blue -- white/green...
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