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  1. haystax

    Please recommend a quality aluminum fab shop

    I have a LC inspired flatbed tray and canopy project I’m kicking around and will need a source of aluminum materials and CNC cutting and bending of aluminum sheet. I will probably do most of the welding myself but may consider a turn key product if it’s not cost prohibitive. I live in Central...
  2. haystax

    For Sale 4bt cummins fj80 - not mine

    Is this still for sale?
  3. haystax

    Mark's Off Road-no new service work

    Congrats! I've been away for a while but I was VERY happy to read that your efforts have paid off. Thank you so much for your continued persistence and good luck going forward. I know what an uphill battle it is to deal with land and water issues in the Federal level. Keep up the good work!
  4. haystax

    milwaukee 12v cordless tools

    Just bought a M12 impact driver and drill combo. They seem pretty decent for the size and weight but I haven't used them much to report on battery life. I like them enough to add more M12 bare tools to the set. Especially since there are some specialty plumbing tools that I could use My Hilti...
  5. haystax

    Hydronic heating water temps

    Sounds like you're on the right track. Good post by Toyo on temps. I've learned a lot from folks on Good luck
  6. haystax

    tow behind liquid spreaders

    Most liquid fertilizers available to the average homeowner aren't really much more than snake oil. Make sure to get a true N-P-K analysis on any foliar/liquid product you buy. Northern Tool actually has a pretty good selection of pull behind sprayers. All the liquid fertilizer products we use...
  7. haystax

    Mounting cabinets ?

    Tapping the wall with a hammer and then using a few test nails is pretty easy. The cabinets are going to cover your already blemished walls, whats a few more holes to find a stud. Might be 24" OC as well. You don't want the cabinets to fall off the walls once they're full of stuff.
  8. haystax

    Tiling a shower questions...

    Just use Kerdi and be done with it. Google Kerdi showers and John Bridge for lots of good info. I think that's the site but been a while. I did two showers and a dog wash when I built my house and for the money and time spent it can't be beat.
  9. haystax

    The Best Steak You Have Ever Had

    ^^Agreed!^^ I'd take a sagebrush fire and salt, pepper, and garlic on any cut any day over some of the meals I've had at some of the so called "best" steakhouses in the world. Many times the only impressive thing about the steakhouse dining experience I've had was the price tag!
  10. haystax

    This is Pex tubing right?

    I used Wirsbo (Uponor) PEX in my house but I'm not sure about the direct burial capability of the stuff. Is that legit? I'm looking into plumbing my folks' new house and need to do some under-slab runs. I know they make a double line, sheathed/insulated product but I'm a little suspect of...
  11. haystax

    Concrete Floors - Chime in

    You should really worry more about compaction of the current base and the addition of a sand and gravel layer than the necessity of a vapor barrier for a barn floor. I would suggest the addition of fiber and air entraining to the mix and adding a couple rebar "rings" to the perimeter of the...
  12. haystax

    Home plans

    Generic plans are everywhere on the web. After 7 homes don't you have a style or idea of what you really want? Spec home or custom for yourself for the long run? Sounds like you're ready for the $$$$$ of an architect
  13. haystax

    Cost to Finish a Roughed in Townhome

    I think you should start with a much lower offer maybe around $275-300K because there isn't a large pool of buyers willing to take on such a project in the first place. $100K goes pretty fast in the finish stages of kitchen, baths, and flooring. Are you going to live in the unit yourself or...
  14. haystax

    Induction range?

    My $.02 - Gas is low pressure so you need a lot of volume in order to keep up with a high btu fancy cooktop. So you need a higher pressure reg at tank/meter and then one to step down outside house and at cooktop. Pipe size is to ensure adequate flow although I am a little skeptical that it's...
  15. haystax

    wet saw recommendation

    Pearl Abrasives
  16. haystax

    '74 Fuse Block replacement

    Certain min order quantities on individual items. But no minimum order that I know of. My fuse block is more like 15 circuits iirc
  17. haystax

    '74 Fuse Block replacement

    South of Elko. Just north of Eureka
  18. haystax

    '74 Fuse Block replacement

    I used one from waytek that has do divided power supply and a water resistant cover. Does require purchase of special wire terminals that snap in the block but the cost of those is neglible Waytek wire is one of the best sources for all things 12-24V
  19. haystax

    Garmin Rino + Macbook pro ????

    Got the Topo 100K maps loaded and headed out tomorrow. Everything loaded fine although the. Basecamp software needed a 57mb update right off the bat but now it seems to be fine New Mac navigation with the trackpad kinda sucks
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