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  1. robertaleon

    SOLD TX 96 rear flares and mud flaps

    Interested - PM’d
  2. robertaleon

    For Sale Sacramento - 1 Pair OME 860 Springs $100

    1 pair of OME 860 Springs. Recently added Slee rear bumper so I went to stiffer rear springs. 7 years old, approximately 15K miles $100 and buyer pays for ride. PM if interested.
  3. robertaleon

    fzj80 motor tick

    Chased my tick after my HG job for over a year. Used a stethoscope and started probing and as other early 2006 posts have suggested, it was the fuel injectors that I had serviced as part of the HG job. For those still chasing down the issue, head to Harbor Freight and spend $5 on a...
  4. robertaleon

    SOLD Sacramento Ca Front seats tan leather

    They did the work - backs and bottoms. I've asked Upholstery Tech if they'd do seat heaters for example and he would install the pads but not do the electrical. I'm sure he could do just the install if you'd want to source the skins yourself.
  5. robertaleon

    SOLD Sacramento Ca Front seats tan leather

    Yig's off of Power Inn did mine originally for $300 but they are out of business after he passed away. I've had Upholstery Tech in Elk Grove do other seats and are reasonable.
  6. robertaleon

    For Sale Sacramento: Baja Rack Fuel Can holder

    Used Baja Rack Fuel can holder. $100 plus shipping. Fits any of the non-LR roof racks. Weathered but good condition. PM if interested.
  7. robertaleon

    For Sale Sacramento - Baja Rack Fuel Can Holder $100

    Baja Rack fuel can holder (used). Weathered but in great working order. Moving to a Slee rear so no longer need this . Holds 2 NATO style cans. Lockable. Retail is $190 $100 plus shipping. PM for details.
  8. robertaleon

    For Sale Norther California - Expedition Rear Bumper for 80-Series - $1400

    Should work - removing the rear mudflaps make the install slightly easier. Otherwise, the LX cladding should not interfere.
  9. robertaleon

    For Sale Norther California - Expedition Rear Bumper for 80-Series - $1400

    Recently acquired but decided to go in different direction. - tim.korn.99 model bumper with fairlead for rear winch mount - controversial link here >> Rear bumper design/build - Tire carrier - Jerry can holder $1400 firm
  10. robertaleon

    Wanted FJ80 Rear bumper with tire carrier

    $1400 - can deliver for small fee. PM if interested.
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  14. robertaleon

    Wanted FJ80 Rear bumper with tire carrier

    I have a tim.korn.99 design and interested in selling. In Sacramento. Came off of of 4dmalamute's
  15. robertaleon

    Who makes this rear bumper

    OMG - I'm the proud owner of this bumper now. And yes - lights do need to be addressed!
  16. robertaleon

    For Sale Sacramento, CA - custom rear double swing out bumper.

    Anyone able to identify the fabricator of this bumper?
  17. robertaleon

    SOLD Southern Utah 80 series fender flares

    PM'd - Doh just saw sold!
  18. robertaleon

    Who to get yota parts from now that American Toyota doesn't ship?

    Sounds like others have not had the same luck as I, but I have a good rapport with local dealers in the Sacramento area and get close those online prices, SOS shipping (next day (SF) , worse 2-day occasionally from Torrance). Depending on your year of 80, I use MyLparts | Genuine Lexus Parts...
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