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  1. staggrlee

    Events/Trails Seattle area role call and planning thread

    If he doesn't respond, I'll happily take it.
  2. staggrlee

    SOLD Woodacre, CA: 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Very interested in your truck. Sending you a PM. <edit> Actually after a second look, you can consider this sold. Let me know what you need for a deposit to hold it while we figure out the logistics. Not financing this and just need to figure out either CA or WA transit tags and arrange payment...
  3. staggrlee

    TORFAB: The 1988 Gray Metallic FJ62

    Nice. I like the gauges. Out of curiosity, where's that usually parked? ;)
  4. staggrlee

    For Sale Fs: land cruiser 2021 heritage ed silver

    I PM'd the poster. He said his friend is asking $150k for the 2021.
  5. staggrlee

    Welcome to North Sound Cruisers

    I've got the OEM one I took off my 2000 100 at around 80k miles when I upgraded to a Mean Green high output alternator. Was working fine when removed and yours if you want it. Drop me a PM if interested and we can sort out the logistics.
  6. staggrlee

    Wanted Off road ready trailer

    I have a 2016 Moby 1 w/Timbren suspension posted over on Expo which I haven't really been actively trying to sell, but looks like it won't be getting used this year... Moby 1
  7. staggrlee

    Bowfin rack on 60 series

    FYI the Rhino Rack roller kit fits fine on the Bowfin. Wasn't able to get a kit from Patrick back when I got my rack, glad he's making that available now.
  8. staggrlee

    Cruiser Head **SALE**

    Like this a lot. Been meaning to get after this as a project using the previous approaches of bolting to the inner fender, but like your take on it with the mounts on the firewall. Can you post up some info on the kit/installation? Are you using a drill and mount rivnuts on the firewall, does...
  9. staggrlee

    Daphne FJ62 R2.8

    No regrets after replacing the KO2s. Really like the ride and improved acceleration & braking. Great on wet roads and actually better in snow/ice by a good bit. No experience with them off road. I'm sure they're adequate, but you're never going to be able to safely air them down as much as a...
  10. staggrlee

    Sun visor post

    I put LS400 visors in my 62. The angle is a bit wrong on them and they rub the headliner when set to shield the side windows. They extend out on the rods though. They're pretty much a direct bolt up. I recall having to make a minor modification, but it was so minor I don't even remember what it...
  11. staggrlee

    Need a large screen for my FJ60 stereo

    Not sure you'd get the poster to reply, but here's an 'Mud Alpine "Halo" bench install someone did in a disembodied dash in Qatar. I can assure you the Alpine Halo decks are pretty stoutly mounted. I only used the top two, of four, screen mount screws in a sedan I used to own. This was so I...
  12. staggrlee

    Builds "Falcor" the 1984 FJ60

    Read this thread though from Page 1 yesterday. Wow, that's a busy 6 months! Impressive work and congrats on finding such a low mileage rig for a starting point. Hope to see it in person when you get it back together. Really enjoyed the Bend travelogue posts too. That's an area we've only driven...
  13. staggrlee

    Builds Bean! The Adventure Continues (1987 FJ60)

    Wow! Those aren't chips, those are chunks. Interesting that the windshield chrome is still available but not the gasket to accept it? Or at least that was my impression. I'd like to get my windshield chrome back but thought I'd convinced myself that neither OE or aftermarket were available.
  14. staggrlee

    60 series Rear Bucket Seats

    Yeah, I hear you. I have them retrofitted in my 62 so we can have seating for three and remove one half to mount our fridge. I do miss the fold flat bench though.
  15. staggrlee

    Daphne FJ62 R2.8

    Thanks. There's no visible difference between the parts with film and without. The film comes up to the bottom of the decals on the doors/rear quarter, and is cut around the decals on the fenders . Had originally though to do the whole sides, but was advised by the shop not to put film over the...
  16. staggrlee

    Daphne FJ62 R2.8

    Tackled the hoodliner replacement and used @Bullzi suggestion (~post #211 or so) on adhesive-backed thermal insulator material. Added some foil tape around the edge of each piece. Also thanks to Lauren for saving my neck (literally) with the idea to template the old liner off the truck rather...
  17. staggrlee

    60 series Rear Bucket Seats

    50/50 split bench out of the HJs are available occasionally. Just have to drill holes in the floor for the center brackets to mount to. Latches and everything else lines up. You lose the fold flat option of the single bench though since they fold then tilt up against the front seats.
  18. staggrlee

    FJ62 ashtray RAM phone mount for a busy dash

    Combined @ChaserFJ60 FJ62 ashtray switch panel, @NLXTACY Wit's End DashHole Plug Mount, and a RAM ball/cradle to mount my phone. Challenge was where to mount a phone without blocking a bunch of other stuff and this did the trick for me. I had to notch the switch panel reinforcement rib to fit...
  19. staggrlee

    Retro stripes

    Use a laser level. Lift the truck end(s) if needed and use the bottom of the windows as a reference to level the truck and then set your layout lines. Don't go nuts with a heat gun and stretch/warp your decals.
  20. staggrlee

    Free hood liner for 60/62

    Recently replaced mine and posted on a local group but no takers. If you want it, send me a PM before it goes in the trash. Pretty good shape with a couple small holes. No clips.
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