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    Potential GX460 purchase

    Hello, There is a GX460 that I'm interested in but I can't be there in person to look at it. So they sent me pictures. One photo is of the transfer case. It has some sort of black paint or something on it. Just wondering if anyone might have a clue to what it is. They said its not oil. It...
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    Service history

    Hello everyone, I thought I'd ask here. Hope to get some insight. I'm interested in this GX470. I have the Autocheck from the dealer. It says the car began its life in California from 2005 to 2012. Then it went to Canada up until 2019. That was the last year it had a registration renewal. Then...
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    Best model year for GX470

    I've been looking at the GX470 for an overland vehicle. According to my research, the 2005 is the year when VVT-i began and engine with most HP. Is this a major consideration when you guys bought your GX or is this a non issue? If not, what is important when looking for one? I'm new to 4x4 so...
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