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  1. BwardeAZ

    Tech: How to Propane a 2F

  2. BwardeAZ

    60 series rear hatch struts?

    I picked some up on ebay for $30.00. Have worked great the PO of my 60 had some aftermarket one on it and they would take your head off if you weren't paying close attention. They screw out at the ball joint from the hatch they don't seperate from the shock.
  3. BwardeAZ

    Strong gas smell

    Hey cruiser heads I need some advice. I have had a strong smell of gas when I fill up in my cruise since I've owned it never really bothered me until I had a leak on a trip in Colorado. I was on a farely step incline nose of the 60 facing down when I got out I noticed a steady stream of gas...
  4. BwardeAZ

    what part goes here? -  '85 FJ60

    Here is the idle controler
  5. BwardeAZ

    Aluminum Radiator Electric fan in a 60 ?

    Has anyone had success running the Man-a-fre aluminum radiator with the black magic electric fan setup. I'm running this but my 60 seems to but running warmer then it did stock. Not cooling down very fast once the temp gets up in the 200's. The top end is all new along with the water pump...
  6. BwardeAZ

    Need Pics of FJ60's

    OME springs/shocks with shackle reversal. :beer: cheers and happy trails
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