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  1. Snailtrail

    front factory locker, interesting

    hmmm... what am i missing here. I've always thought that the 100 series was the only full size cruiser that had the rear locker only option. Whereas the 60, 70, 80 and 105 had either front AND rear lockers, or nothing. Are you saying Canada had a rear locker only option on your 70 series...
  2. Snailtrail

    5 Speed Gearbox

    Regarding the 'F', ive always understood that the "Economy narrow-angle valve DOHC" referred to the petrol (gasoline) engines, while in the diesels it means "four valves per cylinder". For example, the non-turbo 4 cylinder, 16 valve '15B' is called the 15B-F, while the turbo version is called...
  3. Snailtrail

    14B swap for 13BT ?

    I havent been able to find any specs for the 14B-T apart from an (unconfirmed) power output of 140HP. Compression ratio, boost pressure etc... is unknown. From what i've seen the internal differences are - Pistons - different thickness ring land, size of combustion chamber and...
  4. Snailtrail

    H151 Transmission

    Hey Volcano, are these pictures you posted in another thread actually of the 1HZ/gearbox you have purchased?? If so, im sure someone can tell whether or not the box is a R series or H series. Any takers.....
  5. Snailtrail

    1hd-ft swap in PZJ70

    Hey mate, check out this thread for a good write up on installing a 1HD-FT into a PZJ70.
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